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Solar Return Chart

By Patricia Herlevi






Solar Return planets are in green and on the outer edge of the chart.




Rising Sign:

Chart Ruler:

SR stands for Solar Return and we’re looking at Solar Return or SR planets which are the transiting planets frozen in time (your birthday). Only the SR Sun is the same as when you were born.

Defining Chart Features:  This is where I mention focal points in your Natal Chart and any transiting planets making connections with your focal points. For instance, a focal point could include several planets clustered together in a single house. And if transiting Mars connects with those planets in a square, conjunction, trine, sextile or opposition, Mars makes an impact on several areas of your life which those planets in the cluster represent. It is as if Mars turned on the light switch.

Configurations: T-Crosses, Kites, Mystical Rectangles, Golden Triangles and other major configurations are included in this section. (I will explain what these configurations are and their meanings during a reading).

Dominant Element and Quality of Chart: Does Fire or Air dominate? Perhaps, Water or Earth dominates the Natal Chart. We also explore the quality of the planets in the chart which is either Mutable, Cardinal, or Fixed.

When Fire is dominant it focuses on outgoing energy and is passionate. When Water dominates, the energy is dreamy, whimsical and wears a spectrum of emotions. In fact, emotions are the focus of Water. When Earth dominates we become more grounded, practical, and we move more slowly and methodically. When Air dominates so does the mental process. We are more analytical and see life as a puzzle to figure out.

SR Moon: The placement of the Solar Return Moon determines your emotions and how you respond to others emotionally for the next 12 months.

SR Mercury: We explore the house and sign Mercury appears on your birthday. Most likely it is not in the same house or sign when you were born. A SR Mercury reveals your communication, thinking and learning styles for the upcoming Solar Year. Some Mercury placements such as in the Third or Ninth houses could mean going back to school.

SR Venus: We explore transiting Venus in your chart. The Sign and House where this planet lands in your Solar Return chart determine where you will focus your values in the next Solar Year. Is the planet Direct or is it retrograde? Is it in a Fire, Air, Water, or Earth Sign? Is it in a square or opposition with other transiting or Natal planets?

Venus and Jupiter both weigh heavily on money, prosperity, and abundance for the upcoming year. And if Venus is not in flowing aspect with these values, then we look at the lessons presented and flowing aspects with other transiting planets that compensate for a weak or stressed Venus placement in the Solar Return Chart.

SR Mars: (house and sign placement) determines the amount of drive, passion, and energy you have for the Solar Year. Depending on where Mars falls in your Natal Chart and the Solar Return Chart might also affect health. And it determines the types of opportunities that comes your way and whether or not you have the courage and drive to embrace those opportunities.

SR Jupiter: Where is transiting Jupiter in your Solar Return Chart? A Jupiter placement by Sign and House determines where you feel lucky and enthusiastic. We explore aspects to both Natal Jupiter and transiting Jupiter as it appears in your birthday chart. And we look at themes such as travel, higher education, the higher mind, religion, legal systems, and even relocation if you are immigrating to another country. I also look for Jupiter Returns which take place every 12 years and correspond with your Chinese Astrological Sign.

SR Saturn: is the planet that asks us to show up with integrity, work hard, and take responsibility for our actions. Many astrologers say that Saturn is karmic and most people don’t enjoy their Saturn Return which takes place roughly every 28 to 30 years. Transiting Saturn (stays in a House or Sign for 2 ½ years), shows us the area of life where we can expect delays, restrictions, limitations, and experience “hard luck,” but Saturn also rewards us. If we work hard under a Saturn transit, we can expect long-lasting results. Saturn shows us where we need to build new structure or repair it.

SR Ceres: is a Divine Feminine dwarf planet that is still on the fringes of modern astrology. I include Ceres transits as an extra feature (Ceres and Chiron transits are an additional $50).

SR Chiron: represents the wounded healer in all of us and the wounds we must accept in order to find grace and peace in our lives. I include the Chiron (along with Ceres) transits as an extra feature. I recommend paying the extra $50 for these transits.

SR Uranus: is the Great Awakener. Since Uranus is an outer planet, it stays in a Single Sign and possibly the same House in your chart for 7 to 9 years. You experience sudden revelations, personal revolutions, and possibly take part in a global revolution depending on where Uranus transits in your Solar Return or transit charts.

SR Neptune: brings out artistic and spiritual talents, but this dreamy planet also brings up deception, addiction, and healing around pre-birth experiences. We explore the House and Sign Neptune falls in the Solar Return Chart. Will you be exploring your spiritual side or enrolling in a dance program? Perhaps, you tackle an addiction and this leads to spiritual experiences.

SR Pluto: The outermost planet, the Solar Return placement of Pluto is in the same sign for 10 to 13 years. Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2024. What does this mean for you? What transformations can you expect and in what area of your life?

Possible Health Concerns:  I’m not a medical expert but I can sometimes see potential health problems in a Solar Return Chart. My advice is always to consult with a medical expert on these matters. Health Houses are 1, 6, 8, and 12.

Final Observations: After reviewing the entire chart, I write my final observations and any recommendations based on what I see in the chart.

Solar Return Reading

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