Pediatric Astrology


Every Child is a SuperHero in Disguise

Pediatric Astrology

I believe that all children are superheroes in disguise. Their Natal Charts contain the keys to unlock their talents, strengths and even mission in this lifetime. Join me, the Neptune Girl, in exploring your child’s communication, learning, and thinking styles. We also explore, health concerns, shadows, projections, and relationships with important people in their lives, including you.

Learn about past life connections you have with your child. Uncover the unique blueprint or instructional manual that comes with your child. They all have one and it’s called an astrological natal chart. Sign up for a reading today and begin the adventure.

You receive:

  • Child’s learning, thinking & communication styles
  • Relationship to parents & siblings
  • Hidden & obvious talents
  • Areas of interests
  • Potential health issues & sensitivities
  • Spiritual outlook & leanings
  • Overall personality
  • Most compatible signs for your child
  • Best type of schooling

30 minute readings for children 0 to 5 years old
60 minute readings for children 5 to 12 years old

Recommend readings for the following periods of a child’s life:

  • Birth
  • Age 2 (1st Mars Return)
  • Age 5 – 6 (entering kindergarten)
  • Age 7 (1st major Saturn transit)
  • Age 10 – 11 (beginning of “tween” period)
  • Age 12 (Jupiter Return, entering middle school)

I also do readings for older children.  Please bring children 12 or older to the readings.

Types of charts available:

Natal, Solar Return (birthday chart) & synastry (relationship & compatibility chart)


In-person reading $50 to $100 (half hour and full hour readings)

Long-distance $150 an hour add $50 for an MP3 overview

Synastry charts (child and parent or child and siblings) $200 add $50 for an MP3 overview



Payment is through PayPal or send a money order with birth info to: Patricia Herlevi, PO Box 370, Port Townsend, WA  98368

Allow 7 to 10 days after I receive payment. Please e-mail me to let me know you placed an order and sent payment. I must receive payment prior to producing a reading.

Disclaimer: Whole Astrology and Whole Music articles and practice are meant for educational and informational purposes for people on a quest for self-development and transformation.  Whole Astrology, Whole Music, and Patricia Herlevi do not give medical or psychological advice.  Working with sound healing principles and astrology act as adjunct therapies, however, consult with health practitioners for health problems and other related issues.  Patricia Herlevi, Whole Astrology and Whole Music are not responsible for how you apply information on the blogs, book, or readings.

Privacy Statement: I only keep astrological natal charts and notes of clients for one week after giving a reading.  After one week, I delete the charts from my account with and my computer.  I respect your privacy.


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