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Pediatric Astrology Chart

By Patricia Herlevi

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The Chart:


Triplicity: Sun/Moon/Rising Sign

Sun: Also known as a Star Sign as it appears on the Zodiac Wheel

Moon: Moon Sign

Rising Sign: Also known as an Ascendant (starts off the flow of the chart in the First House)

Chart Ruler: The planet associated with the Rising Sign. So if the Rising Sign is Leo, the Ruler is the Sun. The Chart Ruler plays an important role as does the ruler of the Sun Sign. So if the Sun is in Taurus, the Ruler is Venus and so on. (This is complicated, but I walk you through it).

Defining Chart Features: This is what astrologers call focalizers. Sometimes we notice a cluster of planets in one sign or one house and we place our focus there. Or we see a Grand Square when planets oppose and square each other thus creating tension. Or we notice a Grand Trine which looks like a pyramid in a chart.

Configurations: This is similar to defining features. Again, I’ll walk you through anything I see that is special and drawing my attention.

Dominant Element and Quality of Chart: Does Water, Air, Fire, or Earth dominate? These qualities affect the body type, body image, communication style, learning style, thinking style, and every aspect of a child’s life. How does this child show up? Does he show up emotionally (Water), spiritually (Fire), mentally (Air), or is she grounded and practical (Earth)?

Communication Style: I look at the placement of the planet Mercury and planets that fall in the Third House. Mercury is the communication planet. It also represents a child’s learning and thinking styles.

Learning Style: I look at mainly the 1st House and the 3rd Houses which represent identity and learning style. The daily environment and health which are themes from the Sixth House also play a role with the learning style.

Emotional Expression: I look to the moon placement by sign and house to determine emotional expression. Emotional expression is important because often parents take their child’s personality and emotions personally or don’t know how to support emotional growth for their child. Knowing how the moon shows up in a chart is helpful to parents.

Gifts, Talents, and Interests: I also include the child’s values in this section. We look to Venus and outer planets as well as, planets in the Second, Fifth, and Tenth Houses. Although the Tenth House generally represents the father during childhood.

Possible Health Concerns: I am not a medical expert. However, I can see potential health concerns by looking at the First, Sixth, Eighth, and Twelfth Houses in a child’s chart. The Twelfth House represents pre-birth experiences that cause health problems. The Sixth House literally represents health and the daily environment’s contribution to the child’s well-being.

Relating to Siblings: I mainly look at the Third House which represents siblings. I also look at the placement for Mars by Sign and House. Mars shows a child’s drive and competitive nature. Mars also represents children and not just men.

Relating to Mother: In general, I look at the placement of the Moon and any planets in the Fourth House which represents the mother. I look for flowing or tense aspects with the Fourth House and the moon. Tense aspects bring up conflicts between the mother and child while flowing aspects bring up ease between child and parent.

Relating to Father: Any number of planets can represent the father including Saturn, Mars, Pluto, and the Sun. How does the father show up in a child’s life? Is he overly authoritative? Which would suggest Saturn. Is he immature? Which would suggests Mars. And if the father has a problem with addictions, we bring in Neptune.

Final Observations: This is where I address your specific questions and I respond to those questions by my overall feelings for the Natal Chart. As you can see, I use different interpretations for a child’s chart because a child’s world and worldview is much different than an adult’s worldview. We must look at the child’s chart through the child’s experiences. So instead of the Tenth House representing career (most children don’t have a career), we look at this house as how their parents’ careers affect them. Or we look at the child’s view of the father.



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