Intuitive Coaching 101–Raising Frequency Transforms Your Life

DSCN9540Have you ever gone through the task of making vision boards, writing affirmations, and visualizing a certain goal or desire, only not to care about it when it finally shows up? This happens when we raise our frequency because we have expanded beyond the original wish that we wanted to manifest.

Here’s an example. You are at a place in your life where you would like to manifest a partner. So, you write down the list of attributes you want in a partner and you practice creative visualization. Perhaps, you even make a collage of this partner.

Then you attend an online clearing group or work with a coach that helps you lift your frequency by releasing blocks and resolving situations from your past or wounds. This raises your frequency and your life circumstances expand. Now, you find that you no longer desire having that particular partner.

Or this could refer to a new home, a new job, a new career, or some health issue. When we raise our frequency many things in our life realign with our Greater or Highest Good and potential. Things and circumstances that seemed out of reach prior to this change are now within fingers’ length. We can grab a new life, but…when those old manifestations show up we still feel uncomfortable saying no to them, mainly because we put so much effort into them.

As we realign with a higher frequency we also feel like cleaning out our closets and giving away clothing, shoes, books, and other material goods that only served our old self. We are like butterflies shedding cocoons. We can’t exactly fly away with our old shells clinging to us. We find that we don’t feel comfortable with people in our lives so we gently shed them too.

We change our diet (some people switch to a vegan diet). We take a class or a workshop that didn’t interest us in the past. We make new friends, travel to new places, and might even relocate to a new city or state or country. Anything goes as we evolve. And we can’t take our old life or our tired ways on this journey of evolution.

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Intuitive Coaching 101–What if Death was Graduation from Earth?



Perhaps, this concept is absurd to some folks. But what if death was a graduation from the Earth plane? What if it wasn’t a failure to overcome a disease, to heal oneself, or to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

I woke up this morning with the epiphany that death comes when we completed our life journey. We passed the lessons as if they were classes, we probably even took some master classes and then we get to leave a world filled with chaos, suffering, and drama. The reason this thought popped in my head was because many spiritual teachers and icons succumbed to cancer or just died peacefully in their sleep.

I’m thinking Debbie Ford, Wayne Dyer, Ted Andrews, Masaru Emoto and Don Campbell who all were spiritually gifted and yet, died from cancer. However, shortly after Wayne Dyer passed from a heart attack, I ended up in one of his master classes that was taught to me in a dream. Then the next day I turned on the computer and when I headed to YouTube, Dyer’s movie “The Shift” appeared in my feed. What was all that about? Obviously, this man was going to keep teaching even in another realm!

I was considering Louise Hay’s recent death which yes, came as a shock to me. And that’s when I saw master classes that involved earthly suffering followed by death seen as a graduation. In the Japanese Shinto religion, Japanese wear white for funerals which is a celebration and black for birth because they have it the other way around.

And if you believe in the karmic wheel and multiple lifetimes then returning to this realm of suffering, chaos, and pain might bring on a sigh and a shake of the head as we say, “Not again.” And if we happen to return with the same soul tribe and with the same lessons, but at a higher and more intense level, we shake our heads a lot in dismay or question when we’ll finally learn the lessons. It could feel like repeating a grade in the regular school system.

And I’ve encountered folks who say that they want to get it right this time because they have no desire to return to the Earth plane. And yet, there are other blissed out spiritual teachers (they usually have money and comfort) who call Earth paradise. And  I question, “Paradise for who?” My life has not been paradise although there have been times when I have drunk in the beauty of Mother Nature, especially during sunset over the ocean or a bay. Sure, there are those moments where I wonder if I have in fact ascended to a higher plane.

But then reality hits and I realize that I still don’t have a job and I’m sleeping on a borrowed bed while my bed languishes in a storage unit near cow pastures. And it’s all these material trappings too that are part of the physical realm that weigh me down. I often ask, “What are you going to do with all this stuff when you die?” No one knows when they will die. Sometimes the person with the year death prognosis outlives a spouse who is instantly killed by a drunk driver. You just never know when you’ll check out.

So, if death is graduation from the Earth plane then don’t we want to spend more time learning and less time entertaining distractions? My soul knows of better galaxies and my soul knows about touching the hem of God’s robe, so to speak. I don’t want to return over again. I hope to get it right this time. To forgive and learn the true meaning of compassion and all that stuff that fits neatly on greeting cards. And I know that I’ll keep teaching and sending messages from other realms. I’ll still do that because it’s who I’ve always been. It is what this soul does besides playing harp and singing in a high angelic voice…

Not all of us will leave a legacy behind like the spiritual teachers I mentioned or celebrated people. But that doesn’t mean we can’t leave a smaller legacy behind as the people nearest and dearest to us remember us in a good way. I mean, I would rather die fulfilled than bitter and unforgiving. And so, there is much work to do before now and graduation day.

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Intuitive Coaching 101: Become Scam Resistant

This is another archival Intuitive Coaching 101 post from PNW Author. I believe I wrote it over two years ago.


Do not be fooled by the kindness

Someone near and dear to me received a phone call telling her that she won a million dollars from Publishers’ Clearing House. Well, here’s the deal, Publishers’ Clearing House doesn’t contact winners by phone, e-mail or post. Instead, the PCH van shows up your door as a surprise visit. This person was a recipient of a scam.

While this loved one chose to believe in her fantasy of winning a million dollars–already spending the money before it even arrived (at least in her mind), all logic went out the door. When I spoke with her on the phone, I had this feeling in my gut that overpowered me. I didn’t want to come off as a wet blanket, but the situation seemed too surreal to have a grain of truth in it.

And it wasn’t just that, but my own greed and wounds reared their ugly heads. When this person said that she could buy me a house, I balked. Yes, I would like to own a home, but my belief is still that I have to earn the house through my gifts and talents. I don’t know that I would want to become wealthy overnight. And to be honest, I don’t think most people are spiritually-aware enough to handle the powerful energy connected to money. After all, money is one of the most powerful energies, not to mention a power symbol on the planet. If someone hasn’t been doing their spiritual work, money could destroy them or they’ll treat wealth like a hot potato which they’ll spend as quickly as it arrives in their bank accounts.

Now, as far as scammers, who most of us refer to as desperate scumbags, they can only prey on us if we have disowned our shadows. We all have shadows such as greed, selfishness, and lust which we buried deep within our subconscious and suppress every time something in our environment triggers those shadows. Instead of making peace with our shadows and our collective shadows, we find others to project those shadows onto and develop limiting beliefs around money, relationships, employment, and health such as we are undeserving or all rich people are greedy and dishonest.

If we disown our shadows we become targets of criminal types such as con artists and thieves, especially now with the planets Mercury retrograde in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces. We are easily deceived by others because we’re in denial about our own power to manifest. I’m telling people during this long planetary transits (lasts until the end of June 2015), that if something sounds too good to be true it is a red flag waving in their face so pay attention.

I don’t like to play the role of the wet blanket but I’m also an extremely cautious person who doesn’t believe anything until I can witness it myself. And I don’t see what happened with my loved one as a disappointment as much as I do a learning opportunity for myself and the person who was scammed. She acted as a mirror for me and I could see my shadows playing out as well as hers. Prior to the phone call, I listened to Cari Murphy’s Contact Radio Show Straight Talk for the Soul in which Cari spoke about accountability and facing our shadows. And prior to that talk, she mentioned synchronicity in depth.

So here are the bullet points in becoming scam-resistant:

  • Own your shadows
  • Realize that we all project our desires and displeasure onto others
  • Know that con artists are experts at playing upon our weaknesses (such as greed)
  • If it sounds too good to be true, run
  • Research the organization, caller, or topic of phone call under “scam alerts”
  • Phone the real company and report the scam
  • Don’t ever wire money to any stranger or person posing as a legitimate company
  • Don’t give out any personal details such as your address, social security number, or bank accounts
  • Don’t purchase anything over the phone, unless you initiated the call
  • Watch your back because no one else will
  • Develop self-love and self-respect
  • Heal your beliefs and patterns around wealth
  • Practice the Law of Attraction and manifest through an energetic process (slowly over time)

Any of us no matter our educational background, age, or ethnicity can fall prey to a scam artist. We all have weaknesses and we all have days which leave us ripe for deception. Although these scam artists tend to prey on the elderly (hoping that their faculties are fading or that they are trusting of someone with an authoritative or official sounding voice), they could prey on someone battling debt and illness.

I like the saying, all that glitter isn’t gold to describe this type of scenario. Wishing for a million dollars to drop in our lap is living in the future and not showing appreciation for what we already have; the love already in our lives. We believe that a million dollars will save us from our fears and bring security, when in fact it might just reflect back to us multiplying our insecurities.

While money can be used for great and wonderful things, it can also destroy us if we lack a spiritual center or strong set of ethics that we actually live. Some people say they have ethics and question the ethics of others, but when placed in a similar situation than the person they judge, they toss their so-called ethics out the window. The great Spanish filmmaker Luis Bunuel captured this theme in his movies while his contemporary Jean Renoir believed in the humanity of all people, stating that everyone has their reasons for doing what they do (even corrupt people).

Become scam resistant and if you fall for a scam, let this lead you to your shadow or wound which you can resolve and heal.

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Intuitive Coaching 101: Awakening and the Thorny Path


Photo by Patricia Herlevi

For many years, I thought I had to act a certain way and practice certain rituals to call myself a spiritual person. I shamed myself when I felt anger or frustration and I perceived other people making lists of all my faults, with complaining landing in the number one position. And true enough, I met people who actually kept lists of my worst qualities just so they could pull them out during an argument or “truth” session.

This is another archival post from PNW Author. I’m relocating Intuitive 101 Coaching posts from that blog to this one.

So for decades, I attended spiritual and healing workshops; read most of the most famous self-help books on the market. I visited shamans, reiki masters, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and other types of healers. I cleared my ancestral DNA, had energy clearing work done, and just about every technique that is currently out there was done on me at one point or another. And yet, I still faced the same demons, only they got larger and more menacing over time.

Even when I practiced Law of Attraction, I attracted more of what I didn’t want than what I truly desired. And I experienced frustration because while everyone else appeared to be getting relief and finding joy, my demons grew larger. I wondered why I was so unpopular on and off-line (not that I care any longer). I wondered why other bloggers received thousands of followers and I was lucky to attract 30 or 100 or in some cases, one. And then I realized, even with all my diligent studying, I was missing a large piece of the puzzle, despite all the psychotherapy sessions I endured bashing my parents and upbringing. I was simply afraid to feel anger and shame or guilt, both disempowering was easier for me to swallow so I took on the role of the powerless victim, denying my truth.

So here’s what I learned in the past few days that have completely shifted my reality, including foods I desire. The situation began on August 2nd when my landlord gave me 30 days to vacate the studio where I’ve been staying since December because his wife is having a baby and they have decided not to rent out space any longer. Innocent enough, but not in my mind. The gymnastics my mind performed to dump me in despair was worthy of an Olympic Gold Medal. While the situation wasn’t about me, I made it all about me. And while the situation is not a repeat of my experience in between homes from exactly a year ago, I hit the panic button while resisting good changes that are in store for me. My life is opening up and not closing down.

So a dear friend of mine in England set me up with a session with Frank (Communion of Light) who channels a collective of higher beings (don’t ask me to explain this one), which is a lot like the work of Abraham Hicks. The channeled beings provoked me to feel anger because prior to that session I never really allowed myself to feel and transmute anger. I kept trying to “kill” anger which left me stuck in shame, guilt, and powerlessness. So I allowed myself to feel extreme anger and it didn’t kill me and I didn’t harm anyone or cause any destruction. I simply allowed the anger to flow through me and transform into a different emotion. And that shifted my life.

And then the idea that awakening doesn’t happen through teaching a kind and gentle workshop or even attending a spiritual retreat unless there is an initiation involved. In order for us to break the bonds or hooks the material world has on us, we must be shocked into awakening in some way or have everything we know or believe stripped away from us in some way.


Many people have the image of Buddha sitting under a Bodi tree meditating, but prior to Buddha discovering enlightenment through stillness, he walked the path of a mendicant with a begging bowl. We know about Jesus dying on the cross, but we have lost the thread the metaphor of fully releasing oneself from the bonds of the material world so that we awaken. And prior to the bloody cross, death, and resurrection, Jesus had taught his followers/disciples to leave their comfortable home and family to basically take up the path of the mendicant. While Moses and his followers released themselves from slavery, they survived the desert prior to landing in the promised land and so on. Do you think these leaders denied their anger and covered up their feelings with fluffy words so that people thousands of years later could quote them on Twitter?

There’s no comfortable route to enlightenment. One can not sit under a tree manifesting with the Law of Attraction and vision boards without hauling out the garbage from the subconscious mind. One can not awaken by blaming or shaming others with different beliefs. And we also, as I recently learned do not awaken by destroying harder emotions such as anger. And in fact, anger is our friend because it creates alchemy in our lives when used correctly. This is harder for women who were told that anger isn’t ladylike and endured all the awful labels glued on them every time they did express anger or assert themselves.

But let me ask you a question. Would you rather feel anger or shame? Shame is much lower on the vibrational scale and nowhere near the feeling of joy. Anger does not need to lead to destruction, abuse, manipulation, or control. And in fact, people use manipulation and control when they actually feel helpless or powerless. Why else would they have a need to control otherwise? If we choose to awaken (and I hope everyone chooses to awaken), walking an uncomfortable route knocks us out of complacency and even boredom.

I used to believe that if I attended enough workshops and studied real hard, I would reach enlightenment. Now, I have let that idea go in the breeze. I don’t care if I reach enlightenment, but awakening at least feels good and brings relief. We believe so many lies others have told us that we don’t trust our intuition, especially when our intuition tells us the opposite of what others teach us. But we live in an age where becoming more authentic allows us to share our talents and skills to make the world a better place. Stop playing small. Stop quoting other people and find your own words. Stop manipulating others because you believe that others will save you.

I did those things for years and then my life crashed around me. But my life crashing around me the fall of 2014 was the best thing that could have happened even if I couldn’t place it in a box with a neat bow. Gifts come in many guises but if those gifts lead to awakening, nothing else matters.

I am a metaphysical coach, astrologer, and author.

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Intuitive Coaching 101: Say No to the Media

Archival from PNW Author

Since I wrote this earlier and have undergone evolution since writing this post, please take the messages with a grain of salt. Always use discernment.

DSCN8879If you’re on a spiritual path, it doesn’t do you any good to watch, read, or listen to the news. Given that there are several reasons why people even watch the news such as the excuse that they have to know what’s happening around the world, I’m going to suggest otherwise…

When you’re on a spiritual path, you learn how to communicate with spirit guides or perhaps you have a direct connection to the Divine. So it’s better to spend your time meditating than lamenting as you discover everything that’s wrong with the world. Besides, your guides will tell you exactly what you need to know and when you need to know it.

But, I have to keep informed, you argue. Again, anything you need to know will filter through your guides to you at the right time. The real reason people give so much attention to the media is because it provides an adrenaline rush in the same way that violent movies or thriller novels do. And it gives some people the space to gloat, “Well, at least that’s not happening to me, poor sods.”


Now, I’m not above the urge to read the news online so this message goes double for me. I make the excuse that I have to see what the weather is doing so I head over to a newspaper site when I just as well could check the weather website (Oh, but that’s so boring). But what I’ve noticed is that when I do read, watch, or listen to the news, my vibration sinks below the equator. My heart starts palpitating and if I don’t change my focus, I’ll start thinking anxious and fearful thoughts. Then to ease my mind, I share the news with other people and lower their vibe too. Yeah, like that’s going to heal anyone or bring peace to the world. It won’t.

When I woke up this morning my Spirit Guides gave me advice to go slow and stay away from the news. But as an astrologer, I want to know if the planet transits have any correlation or connection to news events. Still, my guides won’t take that as an excuse. It’s like one of their ten commandments right now, thou shalt now watch, listen to, or read the news. And here’s why.

We live in a vibrational universe and this has been proven through quantum physics research. You can find a library of books on the topic, not to mention popular movies such as What the Bleep and The Secret, though I would never include movies as my main source of research. Thoughts contain vibration, judgement and opinions contain vibration, words (especially all the violent and provocative words newscasters and reporters use) contain vibration, and images contain vibration.

A lower vibration or frequency equates fear. The more fear we spread in the world by sharing dark news or tragic events will either cause us to delve deeper into fear (feel the adrenaline rush), or into the realm of compassion and love (let’s give from the heart and make a difference). For most people, they experience a bit of both scenarios when they watch tragic news events. Fear is the fuel that brings tragic events to the world and collectively we invite those events to occur. It’s like we order those events from a menu of experiences based on where we choose to place our focus. I’m not kidding.

The Law of Attraction (Universal Law), says that we get more of what we focus upon. So if millions of people around the globe are watching footage of floods, then guess what happens? If millions of people are fearing climate change, then we have no chance of shifting this energy and dire consequences if we don’t focus on the love that can heal this situation and yes, love is that powerful. If 7 billion people on the planet chose in this moment to think a peaceful thought or a loving thought, we would heal the planet. And according to teachers such as Gregg Braden, we only require something like 3 percent of all the humans on the planet to cause this shift to occur. (I don’t recall the exact percentage, but it’s small).

I attended a “peace” rally regarding the climate two weekends ago. And I was more disturbed by the “peace” mantras than the reason we were rallying in the first place. Again, out of ignorance people were shouting, What do we want–we want peace.” But the Law of Attraction also states that the Universe takes our words literally. You can also find this in the books and videos of Gregg Braden.

So what this means is if we say that “we want” something then that’s what we’ll get, wanting but not having our desire. It’s better to shout, “What do we have…we have peace” because that affirms what we already have and the Universe has to mirror that statement with a peaceful experience. It gladdened my heart somewhat when I noticed that only a handful of people were joining the chant. Perhaps on a conscious or subconscious level the ones not joining the chant understood that the Universe would take their words literally. There were after all some spiritual people joining the rally who were versed in Universal Law.

So I invite you to go on a news/media fast this week and instead visualize the world you want to see or witness manifesting. Know that you bring more healing to the world when you meditate, focus on the positive, and heal your shadows and projections (we’re seeing a lot of shadows cast out to the world now which is what happens when people judge individuals, groups, or races).

And if you hear someone start a sentence with, “Did you hear that…” or “I heard in the news…” break away from them. Use diplomacy and tell them that you prefer not to follow the news. If they act smug or politically correct because they think you are ignorant or selfish, just let it roll off you. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

As we shift consciousness on the planet we have to give up our compulsive habits which includes, “keeping informed.” Remember that the media thrives on bad and dramatic news in the same way that gossip rags use sensational words to attract people living seemingly empty lives. The media thrives on bad news the way Hollywood thrives on violence and vulgarity–because it attracts the lower part of ourselves. Bottom line, it sells copy, air time, and space on the internet.

And some of you will still make the argument that watching, listening to, or reading the news is your civic duty. And I will counter that as a metaphysical teacher and coach that your job is to watch your vibration and keep it as high and loving as possible. Granted, if you can engage with the media and not lose your sense of love and compassion (and not judge anyone or any event), then you’re one of the rare people immune to the effects of the media.

The media these days (I am a former journalist), is about as healthy for you as junk food or trashy music. It’s better to find media that celebrates goodness in the world such as the Good News website. Think of all the free time you’ll have if you don’t surf the internet for news or sit in front of a television or glue to your radio. Think of all the walks in the park, hikes, and time with your family and pets you’ll have. Meditate, listen to favorite music, read an uplifting book, or spend time with friends not talking about the latest news. And your digestion will improve too.

Again, I repeat that if there is information that is important for you, it will come to you from another source such as a dream, a website, a song, or a friend phoning you about a weather warning or what not. Of course, you need to stay abreast of what’s happening in your neighborhood and community, but it doesn’t have to be delivered with provocative words and violent imagery that causes your heart to shatter. Visualize the world you would like to experience and don’t sway from that vision. In the end, it’s all illusion anyway. Only love and the frequency of love are the real deal. If it doesn’t feel like love, its not the truth so why bother with it?

I’m a metaphysical coach and astrologer. For more information, please go to my blog, Whole Astrology and watch my YouTube channel Astrologer Patricia. I apologize ahead of time for some of my posts which are newsy. My guides only asked me to fast from the news media today.


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Intuitive Coach 101: Indigos–Time for You to Shine

Invisible_Woman by Alan Davis

First of all, I agree with many spiritual teachers that it’s time to move beyond labels. And I find it dangerous to overidentify with any particular group or label because this can easily turn into an exclusive situation. However, if you have a sense that you possess Indigo traits and you feel like you are on this planet as part of a mission, then listen up.

The chat room time has ended. Get suited and show up to do the necessary work. We are on high alert and it’s time to fulfill our mission which ultimately leads to birthing a new Earth. No one ever said this was easy and we find ourselves mired in challenges. However, we also have each other for support. Find your team or group and get to work.

Here are some of the main missions:

If you are a Manifestor then manifest a better world for all concerned. It’s time to move beyond a self-focus and instead of manifesting that dream mansion or designer car, use your power of manifestation to bring shelter for all humans and harmony to all sentient beings. Saint Francis’ prayer says, “It is in giving that we receive.”

If you are a Messenger and you have not created a blog or YouTube channel yet, it’s time to get those plans into motion. I also struggled with taking my journaling and private channel sessions into the public arena. Thoughts such as, “Who do you think you are to teach or share with others?” still crop up and I acknowledge those thoughts and respond, “And who am I not to show up and deliver my message?” And it is the same for you.

If you are a healer, that is if you have natural gifts but don’t have the training, work with a manifestor to acquire the funds to pay tuition to a healing college or institute. Get your certification and license so you can begin your life mission. Once you take the first step, the Universe will step in and lead you to the right school, the right teachers, and funding. Later, the Universe will bring you, patients or clients.

If you are a teacher and your burning desire is to teach the wisdom in your heart (not your ego), then start teaching a small group of friends and colleagues in your home. This is how Louise Hay and others started their planetary service. Granted, they did study with spiritual teachers first, and Louise Hay began her studies at the Church of Religious Science (Center for Spiritual Living, Unity Church…) You get to choose who you study with and if you have already graduated from those studies, then begin teaching in your home or at a local community center or even a public library.

If you are an Indigo nutritionist then it is time to learn all that you can about super foods and to teach other about avoiding toxic foods. You might deliver your work through private sessions with clients or through blogs, social media, or a YouTube channel. Just make sure you stay in contact with other nutrition experts and keep up on the latest nutritional news.

If you are an Indigo warrior, then choose your advocacy group or cause. You might even start your own advocacy group or organization. While the numerous causes in the world seem overwhelming, choose one or two at the most so that you can give it your focus and power.

If you are not a member of any of these groups then get in touch with your spiritual guides and ask for the next step on your Indigo path. I left out Indigo artists and Indigo animal communicators as well as, Indigo diplomats and travelers. If you are among these groups, the world also calls for you to step up to the plate. Let’s get started today.

I am a messenger-astrologer-coach. I channel, journal, research astrology transits (past, present, and future), research the healing power of music, and coach others using metaphysical tools. Sign up for a personal session at Whole Astrology.

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Intuitive Coaching 101: Validation Means We are Human and Honored


When people say that they don’t require validation, I wonder about that. I used to say that I don’t require validation from others. I isolated myself and I told myself that I didn’t need anyone. And then when I did reach out to people they were self-fulfilling prophesies that condemned instead of honored me.

It turns out that we all require validation. This does not make us weak. Everyone, even the guy and woman on the street requires respect and acceptance. It is through our pain and suffering that we repress our needs so that people don’t find us an easy target–too vulnerable and too gullible.

But really what I did was to repress my need for acceptance and respect from others. Since my family of origin refuses to see the real me (and instead have some fabricated version of me that suits their beliefs and values). The pain I feel causes me to dissociate from them and unfortunately, it causes me to dissociate from myself. And how can I expect anyone to respect me when I forget to show respect for myself?

And yet, the authority figures I grew up with did not teach me how to love myself. Religion considered self-love a sin or called it selfish. Then the people around me didn’t even know how to love themselves so how could they teach me how to honor myself. If I have one regret it is growing up in my family of origin was shouting and criticizing dominate what we call interpersonal communication.

I’ve had to work hard to overcome these deficits. I have been to more therapists than I can remember and still, the pain in my heart continues. And it is from this pain where I find the paradox of being able to teach and coach others to honor themselves. I know what it feels like to suffer abuse. I know what it feels like to suffer from neglect and I don’t want anyone else to endure this pain, anxiety, and depression.

Some people say that religion contains the magic pill. I don’t agree. I think the only way out of this suffering is to face it head-on. I think that resolving ancestral DNA issues and themes holds the key, but there are days when I just don’t have the strength even to say a forgiveness prayer. There are days when I’m crying so hard (like at the moment), that I can’t breathe into the moment.

And during this moment, I feel alone on an island that is drifting further out to sea. I’m not able to relate to anyone today. As waves of grief and anguish pour from my heart (Jupiter in Scorpio), I honestly don’t know how I can get through this moment.

And due to forced relocation (from a housing crisis), I’m not able to get to my therapist or doctor who is in another city. As far as food, I’m living in a community that is a food desert and it’s a four-mile walk and across a busy highway just to find a grocery store. Yes, there are buses, but they don’t connect to my location.

What’s it going to take to get validation? What’s it going to take for people to believe in me once again when other people’s worlds are shattering too? What’s it going to take for me to land on my feet again? And what’s it going to take when people value what I have to offer in the way of soft skills like intuition?

Some days I have answers. Today isn’t one of them. I require a lifeline to get me to the next moment and to the next day.

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Is American Society Suffering from Infantilism?

kid-2606329_1280Recently, while I was spending time on YouTube, a video on infantilism popped up. In this video, the presenter said that children of narcissistic parents (or controlling and manipulative parents) become adults who suffer from infantilism.

While I am still confused about this psychological condition, the British Dictionary defines it as:

  1. a condition in which an older child or adult is mentally or physically undeveloped
  2. isolated instances of infantile behaviour in mature persons

And this leaves me to wonder if infantilism is related to co-dependent relationships in families and especially with parents where the adult-child is unable to survive financially in the world despite a college education and a number of talents. They have problems keeping their bank accounts in order, have good ideas that never get off the ground financially and or can’t hold a job down for more than a few months before they fill the urge to quit or sabotage their work.

Now, if we expand this outward to a nation such as the US, we see this infantile relationship with government organizations and leaders or even employers. When a problem crops in society, the infantile citizens don’t take responsibility for their end and look to a “leader” to solve the problem, while they continue their co-dependent relationship or dance.

Now, this is troublesome because none of us can evolve if we don’t take responsibility for our end or part of the picture. The Law of Cause and Effect is ongoing but we don’t take responsibility for our actions. And instead of responding to situations that appear in front of us we either slip into denial or we act like victims reacting to situations. We take the passive role like a passenger in a vehicle with a mad driver at the wheel. And then if we survive that ordeal, we scratch our heads in dismay.

While I can see the bigger and smaller picture of infantilism, I do not know how to heal it other than recommending therapy that removes old patterns and heals original wounding. But the first passage in the healing process is recognizing that there is a problem with infantilism and this inability to grow into adults and handle the world as adults instead of as needy children dressed in business clothing or the adult garb of the day. Just because someone looks like a confident adult doesn’t mean he or she actually has his/her act together. But we must stop fooling ourselves if we’re ever going to step up to the plate and start healing this planet.

I know three things:

  1. We cannot survive any longer living life with this pathology
  2. We must return to the original wounds (even if it is in the ancestral DNA) and release it now
  3. We must take responsibility for our actions and healing process

As I learn more about infantilism, I will post more on this blog. For now, I encourage you to research this topic (which might apply to you if you’re struggling financially or having issues with authority figures) in regard to co-dependent relationships.

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Image from Pix a Bay (Creative Commons)

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