Intuitive Coaching for Creatives

You came to transform the world…

surreal patricia

SIGN UP FOR A SAMPLE COACHING SESSION(30-minutes via Skype for $50.00 US)

Do you have a good idea for a blog but procrastinate launching the blog?

Do you dream about writing a novel, but get stuck on the first page?

Do you have a gallery show coming up, but lack inspiration?

Have you written a book, but lack the confidence to send it to agents and publishers?

Are you stuck at a 9 to 5 job while your passion lies either in the creative arts or in launching a sustainable business?

I employ a myriad of intuitive tools ranging from astrology to working with Totem Animals & personal Spirit Guides, along with old fashion practical advice to inspire artists and entrepreneurs to take that next step.

I cheer you on, I coach you, and I tell the truth gently helping you to step out of denial and enter a world of possibilities.

Say yes!

SIGN UP wholemusicexp at 

(only available in-person in Bellingham WA)


Other tools include:

  • Digital Photo Therapy
  • Tools & exercises from The Artist’s Way
  • Music consciousness & sound healing
  • Journals & Diaries of progress

We also work with our natural seasons and cycles of our soul that guide us to right timing.

Hour Session: $100
Bundles available on request (save $50 when you sign up for four sessions)

Open to clients near and around Bellingham, Washington, including British Columbia.  All sessions are in-person. Considering Skype sessions for the future.

Disclaimer: Whole Astrology and Whole Music articles and practice are meant for educational and informational purposes for people on a quest for self-development and transformation.  Whole Astrology, Whole Music, and Patricia Herlevi do not give medical or psychological advice.  Working with sound healing principles and astrology act as adjunct therapies, however, consult with health practitioners for health problems and other related issues.  Patricia Herlevi, Whole Astrology and Whole Music are not responsible for how you apply information on the blogs, book, or readings.

Privacy Statement: I only keep astrological natal charts and notes of clients for one week after giving a reading.  After one week, I delete the charts from my account with and my computer.  I respect your privacy.


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