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I am a metaphysical practitioner who offers sessions for astrology, card reading, spiritual mediumship, music researcher, author, and spiritual coaching. Soon I will be offering Reiki for animals and animal communication as a separate business.

My background is in fine and performing arts. I also worked as an independent arts journalist for three decades. I have an interests in urban design, sustainable architecture, the vegan movements on the planet, the environment, animal rescue, and of course, the arts. When I’m not following all of that, I am writing and pitching novels with magical realism and comic elements.

I identify with Vega/Lyran starseeds, Indigo and Crystal Children, Lightworkers, and empaths. But I will also work with professionals and artists who don’t know what those labels mean.

Disclaimer: I do not prescribe or diagnose, give legal consultation, financial advice, or give psychological advice. If you have a medical, psychological, legal, or financial concern, please seek help from the proper professional.

I am a channel or vessel for the Universal Life Force (Reiki) and angels and other spirit guides. It is the recipient (animal or human with astrology and spiritual mediumship) who takes this energy to use for the highest and best as they explore their unique path or soul blueprint. 

All information in a session is confidential.

Privacy Statement: After one week, I delete the charts from my account with Astro.com and my computer.  I respect your privacy. However, I keep your charts and notes on a backup disc which I do not share with anyone.

2 Responses to About

  1. James Bertolino says:

    Dear Patricia,
    We spent some time together this evening at the B’ham Bar & Grill, as well as at Sculpture Northwest. We’ve met before, but this is the first time we’ve actually had a conversation. You seem to be quite amazing, and I would like to be one of your friends. My name is Jim Bertolino. You might want to look at my website, at Jamesbertolino.com
    Hope our paths cross again soon,



  2. pnwauthor says:

    Thank you, Jim. I removed your e-mail address from your comment so that you don’t receive spam.


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