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Intuitive Coaching 101–Journaling Spirit

  We know that we connect to Source or our spirit guides through numerous practices. Some people prefer sitdown meditation while other people throw the cards, and still, other people keep a journal as they channel spiritual information. I highly … Continue reading

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Intuitive Coaching 101–Touchstones for Challenging Times

    What is the touchstone that helps you move through challenges? Is it a gemstone, a book, or a song? For people who have ended up homeless or in a difficult position, a touchstone keeps them grounded and it … Continue reading

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Intuitive Coaching 101: Why the LoA doesn’t Work During the Shift

  When I was in my 20s, a shamanic friend introduced me to Shakti Gaiwan’s Creative Visualization. While I found the concept of magically creating my future through visualization strange, I jumped on board the manifestation train. I was able … Continue reading

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The Practice–Meditation for Meeting Your Totem Animal

  It seems like ages ago when I taught a totem animal workshop at East West Books in Seattle. And I introduced a similar totem animal meditation that I’m posting here. Take three long breaths. Imagine white light coming down … Continue reading

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