The Practice: Journaling the Twin Flame

twin-flames-2548406_1920Your life can change in an instant when you experience an inspired moment set in motion by another creative person. Not long ago, when I was at the Dollar Tree looking through books published several years ago (now selling for a dollar), I found Nick Bantock’s graphic novel, “The Pharos Gate” which is number 7 in a series.

The novel features a twin flame relationship with the story told through a letters and postcards. The book actually features 3-dimensional postcards and letters that you hold in your hands as you read them. And the author-artist works mainly with collage and handwriting.

I found a collection of crafty postcards next to the novel and I bought those too. I figured I was experiencing synchronicity that sparked my creativity. And then, after reading Nick’s novel (took around 30 minutes), I pulled out a lovely journal I had bought recently, my paper supplies, and I set out to write my own twin flame book, a memoir, and not a novel. And I do this through letter writing to my twin flame (who I have only met telepathically).

I feel vulnerable mentioning this secret project to you. However, as we walk through the portals now and shift our consciousness, I believe that journaling to a twin flame or a spirit guide provides a positive outlet and an antidote to the darkness and chaos in the world. It’s really no different than Neal Donald Walsch’s conversations with a higher being (God).

The Law of Attraction teachers (the real ones not the ones steeped in greed and exploitation) tell us that we attract through focus. So, if we only focus on the negative or toxic news of the day then we attract more of the same. And then we wonder why we lack a true partnership in our life or a successful career or a joyful spiritual path. We really are at a crossroads and each of us has to decide whether we wish to partake in the Earth’s gifts or wallow in self-punishment because we believe that it is our duty to take on the darkness of the world. That’s co-dependent behavior, folks.

We heal the dysfunctional world by healing our dysfunctional selves. We are only responsible for our own healing. We cannot make choices for others and perhaps, the twin flame doesn’t show up until we ride the frequency of joy. At least, that is how it is for me.

So, when we are faced with tragic situations there are two questions we must ask ourselves:

What belief do I harbor that aligns me with this situation or person?


Am I able to surrender this situation or person with love to the Creator for their highest good?

Then you can ask the Creator or your guides or your Higher Self what role you can play in the situation that would actually help the person or situation without sucking you dry in the process. You need your energy and vitality for life on this planet so don’t give it away.

Surround yourself in a pillar of light. Surround the person or situation in the pillar of light. And then, move forward. Go back to your manifestation of happiness and joy in your life. Return to your healing path knowing that when you clear your path and heal your soul, this healing ripples out.

And sometimes, (as I gleaned from Nick’s novel), that light return to you as shadows and dark people. Breathe light into it. And ask your guides to protect and guide you through it. The more light we shine, the more shadows we experience. The trick is not to get caught in it.

So, back to the twin flame journal. You only require paper, stickers, a colored pen, and a journal. You also need glue, tape, and scissors (I tear the paper for a better effect). And check out Nick Bantock’s series on Chronicle Books. You might even check used bookstores and the Dollar Tree for the novels.

Then choose a time of day where you can sit in quiet contemplation to write your letteres and postcards for your journal. You might even light two candles representing the twin flames. You can include gemstones, flower essences, and essential oils too. Do whatever works best for you. And enjoy the process and the journey.


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I reside in the rainy Pacific NW (Washington State) where I write novels, short "green" fiction, and poetry. I also go for walks capturing the beauty around me on my digital and freelance as an arts and culture journalist. When I'm not doing all of the above (and sometimes multi-tasking), I research the healing power of music. You can learn more about that at Whole Music Experience, and I teach workshops on healing with music.
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