Intuitive Coaching 101–My Favorite YouTube Intuitives


I’ve been meaning to get to this list for some time. As an intuitive astrologer, I rely on mentors who have never even met me. Synchronicity brought these intuitive coaches and teachers into my life via my YouTube feed. I didn’t look for them but when I prayed for guidance, they showed up with just the right words at the time I needed it most. It is my hope that my own videos work the same kind of magic in people’s lives. Incidentally, several coaches on this list are Pisces. Hmmm, what’s up with that?

Meanwhile, I am celebrating my YouTube mentors by posting them on Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living. It is my hope to interview them for future posts. I’ve even considered creating podcasts of the interviews but we’ll get to that at another time.

Berry Jones, The Angel School–Berry is one of the first angel oracle card readers I came across on YouTube. I don’t know how many years I’ve been tuning into his Sunday card readings. However, I appreciate his deep insights, softer voice, and his positive interpretations of the cards. Berry has his own style but has studied with Hay House authors such as Doreen Virtue and either formerly or informally, Esther Hicks. He speaks a lot about the Law of Attraction and getting into alignment.

Peggy Rometo, Star Signs–I first encountered Peggy Rometo when she hosted a show on Hay House Radio. I respected her advice she gave to others about getting into relationships, especially for women not to chase after men. Peggy went on to host a YouTube channel, Star Signs. She’s not an astrologer but she tunes into the 12 Zodiac Signs to give intuitive energy readings. She’s usually most accurate with my Moon Sign, which is Pisces. But then this is the same for other intuitive readers too.

Trudy, One Grounded Angel–Trudy hails from Australia. She brings us weekly card readings from her home. I found Trudy online several months ago and I like her approach of using several decks (which she dutifully shuffles on camera) to choose one card for each day of the week. Like other card readers, she also practices Reiki. Trudy radiates kindness and she’s generous with her wisdom. Even though she seems shy and private, she confides in her listeners by sharing her life experiences.

Intuitive Tarot by Nicholas–Similar to Yogini Tarot, Nicholas combines his wisdom glean from yoga, energy work, and his passion for Tarot. He must have hundreds of decks which he easily interprets (without any hesitation). He also has a professional set-up with a decent mic and a structure he uses for each of his monthly card readings (for all 12 Zodiac Signs).

Nicholas is on my list because he predicted that Cancerians would have challenges with a dark-haired woman back in July of 2015. And then two weeks later, my former landlord’s wife got me kicked out of a studio apartment. She had dark hair. Nicholas has also predicted more positive scenarios which also manifested since that time. BTW, I think Nicholas and Yogini or soulmates but that’s another story.

Ralph Smart, Infinite Waters Diving Deep–When I first stumbled across Ralph Smart, I thought what the blank? Who is this guy? I felt blown away with his authenticity, his announcements for his 7 Day Vegan Challenge, and his wisdom. It’s obvious that he’s done some deep diving in his subconscious mind and the minds of his clients (he’s a trained psychologist). He uses slogans that really stick with you throughout the day such as, “Breathing in that good ass prana,” or “We haven’t even had breakfast yet,” or “Can I get a hello there?” You really must check out Ralph even if you’re an omnivore.

Lisa A. Romano, Breakthrough Life Coach, Inc–I’m not exaggerating when I say that Lisa Romano saved my life. I had fallen into deep depression because of a string of horrible housing situations. One narcissist after another brought me to my knees and I discovered Lisa’s videos after typing in “recovering from narcissistic abuse” in the YouTube search box. Since that fateful day, I have listened to Lisa’s teachings and meditations. And I’ve made huge progress after admitting that I am a recovering co-dependent. Lisa’s powerful meditations reprogram the brain. She also offers a 12-week recovery program. I am greatly inspired by Lisa’s life journey and her ability to thrive.

Meredith Miller, Inner Integration–Meredith Miller’s videos also appeared in my YouTube feed around the same time as Lisa Romano’s videos. Both coaches are Pisces and both are recovering co-dependents who circumnavigated the terrain of narcissists. While I haven’t listened to Meredith’s meditations yet, I have gained insights into narcissistic people and learned more than coping skills. Meredith also inspires me with her ability to thrive after experiencing co-dependent relationships. Last I heard she’s moved to Mexico.

Doreen Virtue, Angel Therapy–It’s funny because long before I had heard of Doreen Virtue, I began channeling saints. And then after I heard Doreen Virtue’s Hay House Radio show, it was as if she gave me permission to channel angels too. And I never even took any of her online programs (although I would like to). Doreen is on my list because she is the most prolific of the angel channels. I’ve lost count of the number of books and card decks she has authored. More recently, she was in the spotlight with her Angel Summit produced by Hay House. And she and her partner, Michael run an animal sanctuary in Hawaii. Like Ralph Smart, Doreen is a vegan and she promotes this healthy lifestyle to her followers.

Colette Baron-Reid, Weekly Card Readings–Colette is another Hay House life coach and the only Canadian on my list. My friend Jane, who is an astrologer in the UK introduced me to Baron-Reid’s card decks. Then recently, I found Baron-Reid on YouTube. She is another multi-talented intuitive coach in that she has also recorded music. You can also check out her website where you can find her card decks (which you can give yourself free readings).

Readings by Maria Theresa, Oracle Card Readings–When I’m stuck in a deep funk I listen to Maria Theresa’s card readings. Maria has a comforting voice and a maternal nature. She’s the kind of person you want as a friend because she shares her wisdom so generously. She has her own structure for her readings and her card spreads feature some of the most beautiful cards currently in circulation.

Runner Up Michelle Patterson, Angel Souls 444


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