Intuitive Coaching 101–Relieve Holiday Stress with Plant Medicine


Photo by Patricia Herlevi

Today when I was hanging out my food coop, I thought of natural ways to relieve holiday stress. This includes the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, essential oils, and herbal tinctures. Add chamomile tea to your healing kit. Remember to stretch, breathe deeply, and go for walks among trees or near a body of water.

In the realm of sound and music, listen to music played in the lower registers where the musicians play sustained or long notes. Listen to CDs of Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls or sacred chants. I enjoy listening to Deva Premal’s recordings for instance. Native American flute also is relaxing. How about holiday music played on Celtic harp? For more ideas, please visit my blog Whole Music Experience.

Keep sugar, gluten, dairy, and caffeine at a minimum because these substances create stress in the body, especially if you are sensitive to them. Eat whole grains, nuts, and load up on vegetables.


Photo by Patricia Herlevi

Consume herbal tinctures of passionflower, lemon balm, lavender, skullcap, licorice, and chamomile. These herbs will relax your nerves and help you sleep. Ashwagandha supports your adrenal glands and helps with calming nerves. If you’re dealing with toxic people, I recommend F.E.S. Environmental Formula (Yarrow) which is a flower essence.

Also wear quartz crystals and black tourmaline, jet, hematite and other black gemstones. They block toxic energy. And take baths in Epsom salt and add lavender drops.

And take extra magnesium and B vitamin complex. These help with stress. I recommend ionic magnesium or that brand Calm. I have had good experiences with both.

If you have any other plant medicine or tools to add, please do so in the comments. Thank you and enjoy a peaceful holiday. Also, sign up for a coaching session. I include astrology, oracle cards, and channeled information. Go to Whole Astrology for more details. I’m now accepting payment through PayPal.

About pnwauthor

I reside in the rainy Pacific NW (Washington State) where I write novels, short "green" fiction, and poetry. I also go for walks capturing the beauty around me on my digital and freelance as an arts and culture journalist. When I'm not doing all of the above (and sometimes multi-tasking), I research the healing power of music. You can learn more about that at Whole Music Experience, and I teach workshops on healing with music.
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