Intuitive Coaching 101–A Gold Medal for Each Decade

gold medal

Yes, this author has a sense of humor

An idea popped into my head the other day when a mother was telling me about her daughter turning ten this week. What if we received a gold medal for every decade milestone in our lives? Follow me with this…

Gold medals represent achievements and they can also represent milestones or other types of successes. With each decade we celebrate, we achieved great things even if we take these accomplishments for granted because we get a sense that everyone else achieved them as well. But that’s not the point. (I’ll cover the first fifty years even though we achieve at every decade of our lives).

For instance, in our first decade of life, we grow from an infant who is completely relying upon our mother to a child exploring the greater world. We learn to eat solid foods, crawl, then walk, then run. We learn to feed ourselves and in some cases, I’ve known ten year old children who cook for themselves (I did when I was ten). We learn to ride a bicycle, walk to school, play with other children, adapt to a learning environment while adjusting to protocol. We learn to read, write, and articulate our feelings and thoughts. Some children learn how to draw, play a musical instrument, learn a specific sport, or how to dance (such as ballet or tap). while other children discover their acting talent prior to their tenth year. So we reward ten year old children with their first gold medal.

When we reach our second decade (year 20), we learned how to communicate with adults, mastered our athletic or music abilities (at least to the point where we were accepted into an adult athletic or arts program), we have worked at our first job, possibly paid our way through college, enjoyed our first kiss or intimate partnership, endured heartbreak or got married, completed most of our undergrad education, defined our major or area of study, done some traveling, learned to drive, learned to balance a checkbook, learned to live on our own (such as paying rent, cooking for ourselves, and other survival skills), and we have voted hopefully in one election (in some countries). So we reward twenty year old adults with their second gold medal.

When we reach our third decade, we graduated from a university or trade school, if we chose that route, forged a career as an entrepreneur or working for someone else, got married or even divorced, had children (some of you), bought a home, traveled to another country, rose up to a management position, started a business, wrote our first book, published a book, performed in productions, had gallery showings, formed a band, and went through a Saturn Return which is the real gateway that divides childhood from adulthood. So we reward thirty year old adults with their third gold medal.

When we reach our fourth decade, we have had a successful business or career, or a failure that led to a new way of life. Some forty year old adults see their children off to college or in some cases, watch their children get married or at least pair up with a life partner. All forty year old adults have suffered some loss, heartbreak, or event that led to a profound transformation which they want to share with others. Those of you who had a career working for someone else quit your job and start your own business. You have overcome health crisis (yours or someone else’), you have watched your parents age, you have witnessed the divorces, deaths, and other transitions of friends and loved ones. You have reached a pinnacle in your career or life path. You approach middle age with the desire to give back to your community. Some fourth decade women go through early menopause and enter their wisdom years.  So we reward forty year old adults with another gold medal.

When we reach fifty, men and women reach their “pause” whatever that is for them. Officially middle age, these folks (if married or single with adult children), return to the empty nest. Some of you have traveled to other countries, some have lived in other countries, you have led or managed a major project, raised children, married, divorced (many of you), explored authentic spiritual paths, questioned everything, faced your fears of growing older, lived through health crisis, watched your parents age or die, faced the emptiness inside you then asked yourself, “What’s the next step?” You have experienced the full spectrum of emotions and grew wise in the process and now you either want to teach your wisdom or sell everything then travel the world. So we reward you with your fifth gold medal and on we go…

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