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Cleanliness Leads to Divinity

have you ever wondered why cloistered communities or even ashram communities spend time doing mundane chores that keeps their space clean and orderly? Continue reading

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Mundane Metaphysics (everyday magic)

So often when people discover metaphysics they latch on to the idea of finding their soulmate or some other dreamy cause. Or they think metaphysics provides an avenue for continually being in bliss which is just another way of using … Continue reading

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Returning Salmon & The Arts of Death, Rebirth, & Transformation

Many of us have grown up with the tale of the salmon–who returns to spawn and die in the place of their birth. And there are many angles to take from the heroic determination of the salmon on its final … Continue reading

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Whole Music Exp–Keeping a Music Diary

I’m posting an article I previously wrote for one of my other blogs, Whole Music Experience. Since 2005 when I came up with the idea for a music diary I have been preaching to the choir, metaphorically speaking. I believe … Continue reading

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