The Practice: Journaling the Twin Flame

twin-flames-2548406_1920Your life can change in an instant when you experience an inspired moment set in motion by another creative person. Not long ago, when I was at the Dollar Tree looking through books published several years ago (now selling for a dollar), I found Nick Bantock’s graphic novel, “The Pharos Gate” which is number 7 in a series.

The novel features a twin flame relationship with the story told through a letters and postcards. The book actually features 3-dimensional postcards and letters that you hold in your hands as you read them. And the author-artist works mainly with collage and handwriting.

I found a collection of crafty postcards next to the novel and I bought those too. I figured I was experiencing synchronicity that sparked my creativity. And then, after reading Nick’s novel (took around 30 minutes), I pulled out a lovely journal I had bought recently, my paper supplies, and I set out to write my own twin flame book, a memoir, and not a novel. And I do this through letter writing to my twin flame (who I have only met telepathically).

I feel vulnerable mentioning this secret project to you. However, as we walk through the portals now and shift our consciousness, I believe that journaling to a twin flame or a spirit guide provides a positive outlet and an antidote to the darkness and chaos in the world. It’s really no different than Neal Donald Walsch’s conversations with a higher being (God).

The Law of Attraction teachers (the real ones not the ones steeped in greed and exploitation) tell us that we attract through focus. So, if we only focus on the negative or toxic news of the day then we attract more of the same. And then we wonder why we lack a true partnership in our life or a successful career or a joyful spiritual path. We really are at a crossroads and each of us has to decide whether we wish to partake in the Earth’s gifts or wallow in self-punishment because we believe that it is our duty to take on the darkness of the world. That’s co-dependent behavior, folks.

We heal the dysfunctional world by healing our dysfunctional selves. We are only responsible for our own healing. We cannot make choices for others and perhaps, the twin flame doesn’t show up until we ride the frequency of joy. At least, that is how it is for me.

So, when we are faced with tragic situations there are two questions we must ask ourselves:

What belief do I harbor that aligns me with this situation or person?


Am I able to surrender this situation or person with love to the Creator for their highest good?

Then you can ask the Creator or your guides or your Higher Self what role you can play in the situation that would actually help the person or situation without sucking you dry in the process. You need your energy and vitality for life on this planet so don’t give it away.

Surround yourself in a pillar of light. Surround the person or situation in the pillar of light. And then, move forward. Go back to your manifestation of happiness and joy in your life. Return to your healing path knowing that when you clear your path and heal your soul, this healing ripples out.

And sometimes, (as I gleaned from Nick’s novel), that light return to you as shadows and dark people. Breathe light into it. And ask your guides to protect and guide you through it. The more light we shine, the more shadows we experience. The trick is not to get caught in it.

So, back to the twin flame journal. You only require paper, stickers, a colored pen, and a journal. You also need glue, tape, and scissors (I tear the paper for a better effect). And check out Nick Bantock’s series on Chronicle Books. You might even check used bookstores and the Dollar Tree for the novels.

Then choose a time of day where you can sit in quiet contemplation to write your letteres and postcards for your journal. You might even light two candles representing the twin flames. You can include gemstones, flower essences, and essential oils too. Do whatever works best for you. And enjoy the process and the journey.


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The Practice: Tools for Every Metaphysician

DSCN8883If you are a veteran or new to metaphysics, then you’ll know about the following supplies for your tool kit:

A set of gemstones geared towards your personal health and well-being

A set of runes with a guide book

A set of tuning forks if you practice sound healing (or tune bowls)

Your favorite self-help books

At least one deck of oracle cards and one deck of Tarot

Reiki music or another new age type CD or download (for meditation)

A space to create your personal altar

A journal

Materials for making collages or vision boards

Beeswax candles and sage

Aromatherapy oils (essential oils)

Flower essences (think Bach Flower Remedies)

And a planetary guide book

Feel free to add other items to this list. If money is a problem, it is possible to find raw gemstones on beaches. You can find card decks in used bookstores (especially used metaphysical bookstores). You can also find self-help books used or ask the Universe for what you need and watch how the books show up. I once reviewed books and interviewed spiritual authors (was gifted with books).

If you would like a more personalized approach to building your metaphysical practice, I offer coaching with astrology or cards. Sign up at Whole Astrology. You can also find me as Astrologer Patricia on YouTube and on the Higher Self channel (YouTube). Payment is through PayPal and Skype sessions are available.


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Season of Leo–Let Your Inner Child Play!



First, I want to mention that I have been absent from Word Press due to a thumb injury that has lasted for two+ months. But at least for today, I’m back because Archangel Metatron has a message about allowing the inner child to play.

He says that adults are taking life to seriously these days and that seriousness which surfaces in worry, doubt, cynicism, too much analytical thinking lowers the vibration on the planet. This seriousness causes stress for the Earth and the creatures upon the Earth. So, during this time of the playful Lion, let’s head to the metaphorical playground or at least get out some thick children’s crayons and have some fun.

Here are a few suggestions Metatron has for us:

Buy a bottle of blowing bubbles and carry them in your backpack. Then at impromptu times get the bottle out and blow some bubbles. And look who shows up.

Color in a children’s coloring book.

Play cards with a children’s deck of cards with your friends

Cook a meal with big food such as making a soup with large chunks of vegetables or make a salad with whole vegetables (such as radishes, baby carrots, sweet peppers, and peas)

Go for a day hike without any electronic devices and rediscover the natural world

Collect shells and stones on a beach

Photograph a city scape or your friends with a children’s camera

Play with puppies or kittens

Visit a small pet store

Organize a play group for adults and head to a playground, zoo, or amusement park

Watch a children’s movie

Play music


Go camping (low-tech style)

The list goes on. Metatron says that this is the season to get creative and play around with crafts and art too. And in the theme of not taking ourselves seriously, make things for the sake of fun and not to sell them or hang them in a gallery. The sloppier the better, says Metatron.

Make a collage or finger paint and then hang your work on your refrigerator. And if you have gold stars, stick a few on to your work. And write, “Good job.”

So, get off the couch (and away from the TV), hook a leash on the dog, and get out and play!


Patricia is an astrologer, channel, and coach. Sign up for a personal reading at Whole Astrology or watch her podcasts on YouTube (Astrologer Patricia and on the Higher Self channel).





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Mercury RX coming up in two weeks



I will only be giving eclipse and Natal Chart readings (and pediatric astrology) readings during the Mercury RX period which last from July 26 until August 19, 2018.

This is because when I’ve given transit reports during a Mercury RX they turned out wonky. I have a strong Natal Mercury and Natal Neptune so when Mercury goes RX it has a strong affect on my mind when looking ahead.

I am now two weeks out on astrology readings and it’s almost three weeks. If you would like a hybrid report, it’s best to wait until after August 19. However, if you have already signed up, I will do my best to complete those reports prior to the Mercury RX.

Otherwise, from July 26 to August 19, feel free to sign up for a Natal Chart reading, a partner chart, pediatric astrology (natal) or card readings.

Thank you.

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Time of Radical Spiritual Warriors

angel-3026517_1920We spiritual warriors have our work cut out for us. First, we start with healing our inner child so that we respond instead of react to life and world circumstances. And we have many modalities at our disposal to do this work. I will let you research those modalities and choose what is right for you.

Second, we need to research the various threats from chem trails, to GMO foods, to Smart Meters (and they go by other names), high speed internet 5G or higher, cell towers, and other threats to our health and the environment.

Third, we must calmly gather as we collect and share this information and then send letters to our political and global leaders. If they insist on supporting the dangerous status quo then it is time to vote younger people into office to don’t follow party lines or scratch the backs of large corportations and the power elite (I don’t even like using this word, but for a better word, there it is).

The main thing is we need to educate ourselves, share factual information without hysterics tied to it and then to prepare to sacrifice what we take for granted such as having electricity running through our houses. For instance, the best way to not cooperate with electric companies that force Smart Meters on private homes especially is to go off grid.

The best way not to give GMO food companies any power is to go vegan, organic and to cook from scratch with whole ingredients. You say that you don’t have time to do this, well, soon you will because the economy isnt stable. And people will also join together to form new communities, share with each other, and grow food together. Farms are about to get a lot smaller and more community-oriented thanks to Uranus in the sign of Taurus for the next 7 years.

Also, with Mars in Aquarius (for 6 months in 2018) we need to take a good look at where our electricity comes from and the power that electrical companies hold over us, pun intended. How can we go off grid? How can we get our needs met without allowing others to destroy our health and well-being? How do we protect the most vulnerable from EMFs?

And with Uranus in Taurus, we have new revolutionary ways to create power for our homes but watch out for utility companies telling us that Smart Meter and digital meter technology will save us money. It won’t. That will be safe for our health. It is not (even the Cancer Society which is conservative, says that there is a chance that these meters could emit radiation that could cause cancer). And the power companies will tell us that this new digital technology is good for the environment. It is not. Don’t be fooled. The only entity that benefits is the energy companies.

Watch out for fake science and remember the phrase, “follow the money.” Follow your intuition more than ever. Invest in protective devices, gemstones, and flower essences that protect you from EMF and other environmental pollution. Spend more time on the natural earth and spend more time outdoors and less time inside on a computer (like I’m doing now).

I’ll produce podcasts on this topic in the future but for now, do your research and protect your health. We matter. The Earth matters and your loved ones matter.

If you find these articles helpful, please make a donation to Patricia Herlevi through PayPal or sign up for a personal astrology reading, a card reading, or a channel session. wholemusicexp at for PayPal and for a contact e-mail. Blessings.


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Win An Astrology Reading & Help an Astrologer get some R & R

angel-3026517_1920My birthday falls at the end of June. It’s been a challenging year and I require some self-care. So, I took a leap of faith and booked a hotel room for two nights in Port Townsend. And now my goal is to raise $270 by June 25 so I can confirm my booking.

If you donate $5, $10, $20 or $100, I will enter you in a raffle for a Natal Chart Skype session or narrative report.

The caveat is that I would require receiving more than one $5 donation, otherwise I can’t have a raffle.

You can donate through PayPal or send a check to PO Box 370, Port Townsend, WA  98368 (Patricia Herlevi) which I need to receive by June 25 (and please let me know you sent the check and for what amount). (My PayPal address is wholemusicexp at Replace “at” with “@”.


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The Practice–Journey to Healing the Wounded Masculine

nature-3289812_1920One day recently, I decided to play my guitar. So, I strummed it for about fifteen minutes and then put it away–nothing unusual except that I had not practiced in a long while. Then that night I woke up with my right hand twisted around my thumb.

The next morning I noticed my swollen and painful thumb. When I tried to straighten it the joint clicked and hurt like hell. A week went by and my thumb did not heal. Then an insect, probably a spider bit me on my right shoulder–this too hurt. Why was everything happening on my right side?

After I was through feeling sorry for myself, I wiped away my tears of frustration. And then I asked my spirit guides what was going on. And this is where it gets interesting. I had remembered John Newton (Health Beyond Belief) talking about our right side representing our masculine psyche and our left side representing our feminine psyche.

So, then I asked myself why was I being injured on my male side. And the answer came to me as I have a subconscious belief that men are weak. And even when I view a man as a gentle, strong or a good, I still dig around for his weaknesses. Really? So, why I do that? And why have I encountered so many weak men during my lifetime?

And this is the part that is hard to write and that’s because the male authority figures in my life have shown me failure, narcissism, insecurities, disease, emotional imbalance, and did not take responsibility for their actions. This ranges from family members to national governments, teachers, and corporate leaders. I have witnessed many men falling from grace as a child and current events around men trigger this wounding.

Now that I have this information which I dug up from my subconscious I am resolving my patterns and beliefs through forgiveness and other work. And as I am doing this, I encounter other people with injuries or illness on the right side of their bodies. This is not a coincidence since frequencies attract the matching frequencies. There are also soul groups learning the same lessons which eventually heal the collective of humanity.

And yet, as I type these words I do so with my right hand in a nylon brace because my thumb still doesn’t work properly. As I undergo physical therapy and other treatment for my hand, I will continue to heal my male side. For I know that I won’t be reunited with my twin flame until I heal both my masculine and feminine sides. At least I have this new information to work with. (Because what man in his right mind wants to be with a woman who subconsciously finds him weak?)

We are all on this journey of discovery and deep healing. Even if we had healthy-minded and loving parents, we still have wounds within our psyche. Some of us lost parents early in life through death or divorce. Some of us suffered from separation or abuse or neglect. The stories don’t matter so much unless they lead us to the wounds so that we heal those wounds. Then we can ditch the stories and their labels as we wend our way to wholeness and completion of this life spiral.

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Book Review–The Lioness and The Crab

crab cover

The Lioness And The Crab

By Elisabeth-Anne Dumont

Balboa Press

Author Elisabeth-Anne Dumont recently sent me an email message announcing her metaphysical fable, The Lioness And The Crab. A week later, I received the book in post office box. Since I felt intrigued, I read the book that afternoon. Well, I am a Cancer Crab and she featured a crab-queen or high priestess in this fable (or is it  parable?).

In an age of quantum physics and the Law of Attraction, not to mention shadow work, Dumont connects the threads of our current spiritual teachings that reminds me of a cross between The Little Prince and Jonathan Livingston Seagull–books that appeal to the young and old alike. (This book also reminds me of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist).

However, don’t mistake the brevity of this small book as weightless for it carries much gravity even when told in a voice of a spiritual teacher. It’s not even a book you would only read once and then stick on a shelf. This type of book asks for multipled readings and sharing with friends as well as, family.

The structure of the book resembles Neal Donald Walsch’s Conversation with God series as it also features a dialogue between two characters–the Lioness and the Crab. I also enjoy that the introvert and intuitive crab teaches the lioness about accepting the transformation and empowerment process. (Think of Leo and Cancer in the Zodiac Wheel).

Dumont sells her book on Amazon as a hardback and as an e-book. You can also purchase the book at Balboa Press.

If you would like your spiritual books or oracle cards featured in my videos or articles, please send them to: Patricia Herlevi, PO Box 370, Port Townsend, WA  98368

I also am interested in crystals, gemstones, and jewelry (which I will feature in videos after I relocate to a permanent home).


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Neptune Girl’s Oracle Forecast for June thru December 2018

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Whole Astrology: Taurus New Moon on May 15, 2018

On the same day we experience the Taurus New Moon, Uranus moves into Taurus after spending several days at the culmination point of Aries. And one day later, Mars moves into Aquarius where it will remain for several months. What does this mean for you?

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