Intuitive Coaching 101–Homeless Preparedness



I feel disturbed that I even need to write this post. However, just like we have earthquake preparedness and disaster preparedness, I also think we need to add homelessness preparedness to the roster.

The reason I say that is it has not been since the Great Depression that so many Americans and even worldwide citizens have found themselves living rough on the streets, in tents, or in cars. 2008 was another bumper crop year of homelessness, but the problem was never resolved and has only expanded from cities into smaller towns.

Personally, I have had to live off the charity of others since my line of work isn’t in demand at the moment. I have lived in-between homes and thankfully, not on the streets which I wouldn’t survive. I have learned a few important lessons and practices along the way that if you find yourself homeless for whatever reason, it would save you some anguish.

First, start renting a storage unit now. It’s nearly impossible to find one that is available during an emergency situation. There has been a greater demand for the storage facilities because of people downsizing or ending up living in cars, hotels, or on the street. When I relocated from Bellingham to Port Townsend (or made the attempt), I found the last 5 x 10 available unit in Chimacum (outside of PT) after searching in several communities. And that was over two years ago. I since moved my belongings to a better facility.

The last thing you want to do is to be searching frantically for somewhere to store your belongings if your landlord evicts you or if you are forced to move for whatever reason.  A storage unit probably won’t help you if you are faced with fires, floods, or other natural disasters unless the storage facility is outside the danger zone. There is no guarantee but it’s nice to have a storage unit to fall back on.

Second, start downsizing now. Give away or sell items you no longer need because living lightly is the wave of the future. This is especially true for someone who knows that their preparedness plan is to live in a car or a van or a tent. Even if you are going to shack up with friends or couch surf, the fewer belongings you have, the better your chance of finding a friend to stay with. Trust me on this one.

Third, find safe havens for your pets so that you won’t have to give them away or worst, traumatize them by having them live in cars or on the streets. Granted, some homeless people use dogs for protection which is understandable but is it in the highest interest of the animal? When I say safe haven, talk to friends and colleagues ahead of time for what-if scenarios and offer the same respite for their pets in your home if they end up homeless.

Fourth, purchase a sturdy backpack, sleeping bag, and camping clothing. Even if you choose to live in a car, buy a tent. You don’t have to buy high-end goods at a sporting good store. Try thrift stores and community boards. Someone might be selling their camping gear on FaceBook.

Fifth, stock up on travel-size toiletries and anything you will need daily. These are lighter to carry in your pack.

You’ll also need to locate the nearest places to charge your batteries for your computer, tablet, or phone. If you won’t be able to continue paying for your phone service, buy a Tracfone and purchase minutes. The other thing I did was to get a voicemail only service with a phone company. This was not easy to do and it involved talking to a few customer service people before I was able to save the number from my landline as a voicemail number. Social service agencies such as DSHS offer free cell phones. And you will require a phone if you are homeless.

Get a list together of your local charities so you’ll know who your go-to people are ahead of time. This cuts down on panic attacks (which you will experience when you’re without a home). I experienced total meltdowns and even suicidal thoughts the first time I realized I was homeless and I was staying in hotels that depleted my bank account within two weeks.

Everyone needs a support team of mental health counselors, medical doctors, and even supportive friends while enduring bouts with homelessness. Many people get into transitional or permanent housing quickly while others languish on the streets for months, if not years.

Anyone can find themselves unsheltered. Even millionaires have lost money and ended up on the street. The fact is most people are overburdened financially and physically in our current era. Jobs are being replaced by artificial intelligence technologies or rent and mortgages are shooting through the roof. Utilities and pretty much everything is increasing while wages are not. If you do end up homeless, for whatever reason, know that it is most likely from circumstances outside of your control.

Get your plan together ahead of time. Chances are you’ll never need it. But if you do, you will navigate the pitfalls more smoothly than if you jumped in with two feet without a plan. We all have horror stories of living between homes or in inadequate housing or with domestic violence.

Don’t judge people who are homeless. Instead, befriend them because they know the ropes. Ironically, if you find yourself suddenly living on the streets or in a car, the other homeless people could save your life. Even so, use discernment more that you would otherwise. When people are suffering they’ll either act out negatively in desperation or out of compassion based on their level of humanity.

May you always be blessed with a roof over your head, but get prepared anyway.

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Whole Astrology–5 Planets in Earth and Water (Jupiter through Pluto)

renaissance universe


When Jupiter moves into Capricorn on December 2, all the outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto will be in Earth and Water Signs. Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto transit in Earth Signs and Neptune continues to sail in its sign, Pisces. This creates flow in spirituality and in material wealth.

However, last time Jupiter transited in Capricorn, humanity sunk into the illusion of lack and limitation then stayed there. So, if Jupiter completes the cycle will we finally grab onto the concept of infinite abundance and prosperity instead of the model of competition and finite resources?

I sat by the shoreline a few days ago contemplating the abundance of seaweed and shell fish that peppered the beach. It wasn’t that long ago in human terms that the Indigenous people cultivated these riches from the sea and lived an abundant life of the ocean and its gifts. When we gaze at the night sky we also see an abundance of stars blinking down at us. We have infinite angels dancing around us. Count the hairs on a dog or a cat or your own head (if you still have hair) and contemplate the abundance.

Why would abundance of seaweed be different than an abundance of food, shelter, and clean water? Why does humanity continue to focus on divisiveness and competing through war and bullying? I’m sure you have noticed this greed played out in your community with unscrupulous landlords and business people. Or this greed can even play out in our own minds when we exploit our talents or the talents of others without proper compensation.

With the last glimmers of Jupiter in Sagittarius it’s time to wake up to the myriad of ways abundance shows up in the world from the blades of grass to delight. Instead of exploiting others, show them courtesy. Truly love your enemy. I know this isn’t easy but it is the road of the Spiritual Master. Instead of fighting the enemy or getting even, send them love. Surround your enemy in a mist of love. Surround them in the Violet Flame or Rainbow Light. What you send out comes back to you one-hundred fold. This is a Universal Law.

I’m speaking from experience. I raged against a person (who I won’t name) for the past several weeks. I liberated myself from this person’s need to control and manipulate others. I faced my fears and leaped into the unknown and as I write these words, I am without a home. So, I could exact revenge on this person for injustice that I experienced. Or I can do as Metatron and Raphael asked me to do and send this woman love. No, this higher path isn’t easy.

And when others also tried to engage me in drama or a battle I’ve chosen the higher road. You can do the same.  When you meditate send love and do forgiveness prayers too. Then, go off and do the things that bring you passion and delight. When you forgive others and send them love, it frees your mind space to fill with the things you love instead of the ways you want to avenge this person who hurt you.

Are you up for the challenge? The outer planets ask us to reinvent reality now. They planets sailing through Earth and Water ask us to ground our desires and to do the forgiveness work. Act as if the world you dream of already exists because it does in a quantum reality. If you would like to witness a peaceful world then be the peace through forgiveness and love. Surrender all bitterness to God and tastes the sweetness of the Universe. It’s time to birth a new world. And so it is.

Sign up for a channel session or an astrology reading via Skype or Google Chat. Returning clients received $25 off a 60-minute reading this October. Sign up at Whole Astrology.

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Intuitive Coaching 101–The Ascension Diet



Image from Pix a Bay



Forget the Paleo, the vegan, the raw-food, or whatever diet is trending at the moment if you are in the process of spiritually ascending.

Lately, I’ve received messages about certain foods disappearing from our plates. At first, I thought that this was for the general population but after receiving healing information from Archangels Raphael and Metatron during a dream state, I realize that they are talking about an ascension diet.

The first stage of the dietary shift brings cravings for a particular food such as corn, oranges, eggs, or even chocolate. It’s like you can’t get enough of this food substance so you gorge on it. Then, the second stage is that you learn that you are sensitive to that food or even have allergies to it. You find that the food that once lifted you up now causes exhaustion and digestive if not other issues.

The other symptom you experience is that none of the diets other people rave about resonate with you or you try the diets and end up depleted of nutrients. You also grow tired of the limitations and restrictions, not to mention dogma attached to various diets. For instance, your friends swear by the Paleo diet. They go through the trouble of buying cookbooks, emptying their cabinets and fridge of the non-Paleo foods and they turn eating into a religion. You see beyond their behaviors but still are on a quest for your perfect diet.

Now, it’s different for everyone and some people eliminate these foods only to reconnect with them after an ascension shift or never return to the foods again. Here is a list of foods that lower your vibration which might even surprise you since the literature on these grains or vegetables or fruits boasts about their healing potential.

  • Tomatoes
  • Oranges and other citrus fruit (not lemons)
  • Wheat and other gluten-containing grains
  • Rice (for some people)
  • Eggs
  • Dairy (all types of dairy)
  • Sugar (mostly cane sugar)
  • Artificial sweeteners (try Stevia instead)
  • Caffeine
  • Nightshades (especially potatoes)
  • Certain types of beans
  • Animal flesh
  • Fish and seafood
  • Peanuts
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Junk food or processed foods (even canned foods)
  • Canola oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, soy oil (no, no, no)
  • Cantaloupe and honeydew melons


Okay, so you’re thinking, what do I replace these foods with?

  • Kale
  • Greens
  • Collard greens
  • Chia seeds
  • Flaxseeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Microgreens
  • Certain types of mushrooms
  • Spirulina
  • Maca
  • whole foods protein powders (not the store brand just complete foods)
  • Gogi berries
  • All berries
  • Amla berry
  • Mineral Greens
  • Quinoa
  • Millet
  • Rice (some types)
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Avocados
  • Apples
  • Plums (instead of peaches)
  • Watermelon
  • Coconut
  • Mango and other exotic fruit
  • Jack Fruit
  • Lentils cooked with a dash of cinnamon
  • Onions and garlic sparingly
  • Himalayan salt
  • Cassava
  • Olive oil
  • Walnut oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Hemp oil
  • Hemp seeds

There will be new fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables coming onto the market in the coming months with a higher vibration. I also have a vision of ferns and mushrooms and some of the foods indigenous people ate historically.

Yes, it’s going to be a challenge to live with people still eating the diet of the 3rd dimension. It won’t be much fun hosting or going to dinner parties. Forget going out to dinner. Sorry, but you’ll be cooking by scratch at home.

Sign up for an astrology or channeling-coaching session with me. We can discuss the right diet for you with Archangel Raphael. This is not a substitute for medical advice but adjunct information to help you on your Ascension Path. Contact me at or through Whole Astrology


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Intuitive Coaching 101–Channeling Angels as Opposed to Human Spirits



After seeing Amanda Ellis channel Michael Jackson and Princess Diana on her YouTube channel, I thought of making my personal channel sessions with humans who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge public. However, as much as I enjoyed doing this work, I feel strong reservations.

Channeling angels and ascended masters already puts a spiritual medium or channel at risk. Channeling humans who still have egos on the other side of the veil, places us at further risk from public ridicule and threats, especially from fundamentalists who can’t leave well enough alone. While I don’t go to the sites of Evangelists and criticize their messages, they don’t have a problem trespassing into my sacred space and leaving nasty messages. I even received a death threat at one point. Hopefully, that was just a bot.

Other spiritual channels have also received threats and one even removed a video because she feared for the safety of her family. So, I ask is making spirit channeling sessions public worth it any longer? I haven’t received more subscribers. In fact, I’ve lost subscribers, especially when I’ve channeled controversial figures such as Michael Jackson (who I believe is innocent of the pedophile allegations).

The other argument I make against making my private channel sessions with humans who crossed over the public is that I’m not going to receive the highest level messages from those humans. For one thing, they still have egos. They are not ascended masters or angels. While some of the souls have good intentions and they want to help humanity, they are also looking for human bodies to complete their work on the planet. Have they ever considered that we have our own life paths to complete and abilities to master?

After passing through the Lion’s Gate Portal and undergoing new spiritual understandings I find that I don’t want to serve as a telephone receiver at this point in my spiritual journey. I make the exception with angels, ascended masters, and God because those energies are pure and without ego attached to them. Those energies are more expansive without human baggage attached to them.

For instance, when I channeled Robin Williams I could still feel his mental health issues despite that he is healing on the other side. I also experienced his light since we all have the light that radiates off us. But I have to say that most of the session was focused on him explaining himself and not giving any advice to humans still struggling with the Earthly experience. And this has been the same for most of the souls I channeled. (He did send love).

The exceptions are the musicians I have channeled for Whole Music Experience (YouTube) who give us advice on how to heal with music, the history of healing with music, and music lessons. I find these sessions useful for musicians and people on a conscious path.

The other problem I had from channeling human spirits is that they depleted me of my life energy. I know that they didn’t do this intentionally, but once we open the door to them, they stick around and vie for attention. This removed my focus from the work I know I need to get done and stopping everything to get my computer out so that they can deliver a message to the public.

Some viewers enjoyed those videos and I appreciate their comments and interaction with the human spirits. And maybe I’m turning my nose at an amazing gift since I believe my communication with the souls is the real deal. When so many YouTube hosts are pretending to talk to spirits and raking in the money doing this work, I realize that the community requires more authentic spiritual teachers and healers. I assure you that they do exists but you need to sniff them out. They aren’t advertising as widely as the fake channels. And they aren’t dramatic or the prettiest to gaze at.

My final observation that I’ll mention here is that the spiritual community has transformed into a fashion show. Some of the spiritual channels and angel card readers would be better off hosting a fashion blog and to leave spiritual channels for those folks who passed through initiations and would deliver their messages dressed in pajamas if the situation called for it. The messages are more important than the color of someone’s eye shadow or shade of lipstick. Also, what’s the deal with big blonde hair for some of the angel card readers?

Yes, I get that looking professional on camera is important. But let’s stop calling attention to ourselves as if we are creating video selfies of ourselves channeling celebrities. If the message needs to come through it will. In the meantime, let’s return to the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi (Integrity, humility, compassion, and forgiveness). Let us return to God/Creator/Source and truly mean it.

I will continue to channel ascended masters, angels, and saints for the public. And if private clients want to hear messages from human souls on the other side of the veil, I will offer that to them along with astrology and card readings. Sign up at Whole Astrology.

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Neptune Girl Astrology–10 Reasons You Need to Learn Astrology

renaissance universe


Why do you need to learn astrology? If you want to know yourself better, make a healthy career and lifestyle choices, or even know your children better, than learning astrology acts as a lifeline. But there’s more…

If you believe that the world doesn’t revolve around the stars, you are partially wrong. If you failed to notice the timing of giant corporations making major decisions or changing their formats coinciding with eclipses or Mercury retrograde then you live in the dark.

It’s not a coincidence that the royal wedding of Dianna Spencer and Prince Charles occurred during a void-of-course Moon (bound to fail). And it’s not a coincidence that Facebook makes structural changes every time Mercury goes retrograde. In addition, research Moon phases and planetary retrogrades when major contenders place their bids for high political office. The higher up someone is on the ladder, you can bet they consult with astrologers as part of their action plan.

For some people, astrology is just another tool for successful campaigns or businesses. For others, it represents a spiritual path to mastership. Psychologists and energy healers sometimes refer to astrological terminology and tools to enhance their practice. Meanwhile, the average person wings it through life thinking that astrology won’t serve their highest good so why bother learning it?

The mistake the media made with astrology is to dwindle it into the shavings of Zodiac Sun Signs. But if you’re following this blog, you know that astrology revolves around several planets, 12 Zodiac Signs, houses and aspects. And for those who spent years learning astrology dig much deeper than that.

Here are 10 Reasons Everyone Needs to Learn Astrology

1. As above so is below which means that each of us carries the signatures of the planets in our Natal Chart.  Just like everyone has unique fingerprints we all have a unique soul blueprint hidden in the symbols of your Natal Chart. Learning the basic astrology about yourself gives you an advantage.

2. Your career path relies on the soul blueprint in your Natal Chart

Many people allow other people choose their careers or they take the route that is in front of them without much consideration. Then these people grow bored and restless because they’re not on the right career path. Cut to the chase and consult an astrologer or learn the basics to read your chart.

3. All cities, states, provinces, and countries have Charts

If you plan on relocating to another place or even take a vacation, consulting an astrologer who specializes in relocation charts (and places where you will reap the most benefits) gives you an advantage.

4. Astrology helps you pinpoint health issues (and body weaknesses)

By revealing to you which parts of your body require reinforcement and medical attention. Each Zodiac Sign has its share of health concerns, however, by knowing yours you avoid ill health or navigate successfully through the worst of it.

5. Learn the soul blueprints of your children

This is done through learning about pediatric astrology where you uncover your child’s unique gifts and weaknesses, including parts of the body that leads to illness if not addressed.

6. Astrology helps you choose the best wedding dates

It also helps you choose the right time to launch a business, start a new career, send out resumes, or to lay low so that you can rest and gather strength.

7. Astrology helps you find friends and partners who are compatible with you

Think of all the years of grief you could avoid if you had not married the abuser or narcissist. Astrology helps you avoid the pitfalls in any relationship.

8. Learning astrology connects you to the Universe

By learning about the planets, asteroids, and fixed stars, you feel unconditional love towards them. You realize that they would never steer you wrong and that planetary transits have your best interest at heart. But if you fail to interpret the messages from the planets, then life seems like a struggle.

9. Knowing astrology helps you come up with alternatives (when the planets are not in alignment with you)

There are times when I need to make a major decision and Mercury is retrograde and I’m in the shadow of an eclipse (as is happening now). I understand under those circumstances that whatever I sign onto at that point won’t last more than three to six months. However, knowing that information going into the decision, I consider backup plans and set a strategy in place to deal with the inevitable. It’s the same for everyone.

10. Astrology empowers us

The quickest route to knowing your core self is through understanding your Natal Chart. Yes, I recommend consulting with astrologers. However, what good is consulting an astrologer steeped in the technical language of the practice if you don’t even know what an aspect or a Natal House is?

Since the age of ten, I was called to learn astrology. While I never thought I would become an astrologer I dabbled in it and I read the tomes. It has been immensely useful to me and is equivalent to knowing a foreign language. It’s much easier for me to converse with metaphysical practitioners by knowing this ancient practice.

After all, our destiny truly is written in the stars and astrology holds the keys and the codes.

Sign up for personal reading or astrology one-on-one lessons with me. I’m currently restructuring my practice but for the time being, you can sign up at Whole Astrology. And my fee is currently $100 an hour through PayPal. Lessons are by Skype or in-person if you are in western Washington State.



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Neptune Girl Astrology–The Cancer Woman in the Corner


for educational use

You might have read Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs” at some point in your life. You might remember the shy and patient Cancerian woman described in the book. Flash forward to the 2019 DNC presidential candidate debates and notice the Cancerian woman hidden in the corner of the stage. Her name is Marianne Williamson and if you’re a lightworker, here’s why you must support her presidential bid.

While she might have stood in the humble shadows of the other candidates, Williamson is a multiple best-selling author, a Unitarian Church reverend, a humanitarian-activist and a business woman.  She is also a fellow lightworker and Indigo Starseed.

Not only did she show patience and diplomacy, Williamson held the light on the stage and with her platform based on the Course of Miracles and other spiritual teachings she mastered along the way. While the other candidates were bringing up their childhood wounds with authority figures (Cancer Sun squaring Chiron in Aries), Williamson kept her cool and bided her time. Then when she delivered her responses–they were even-tempered and articulate.

But because she’s not a political player like Senator Kamala Harris (who might also be an Indigo Starseed), or Senator Bernie Sanders or former Vice President Joe Biden (who seemed the most wounded of all the candidates on the stage), she was overlooked by the journalists.

You’re probably wondering why I’m bringing up politics in the same breath as lightworkers. And here’s the thing. Lightworkers are not just spiritual teachers, healers, yoga teachers, or new age authors. Lightworkers are also community leaders, activists, musicians, authors, business people, and farmers. They are engineers, architects, doctors, lawyers, and philanthropists. And in Williamson’s case she is a spiritual teacher sacrificing her life to serve the US to get the country back on the ascension path.

She offers the opportunity for us to elect a lightworker as the US President which is the opposite of the shadow and darkness that currently resides in the White House. We require a new vision that heals from the bottom upwards. But we need to take a leap of faith and stop playing the two-party political game or the lesser of two evils. We must get out of our heads and into our hearts.

People keep saying that we have entered a new age but we keep singing the same song from the patriarchal past. When will humanity release itself from the grips of those old destructive programs–in other words brainwashing? What’s it going to take for people to wake up and enter the Aquarius Age which looks nothing like anything that has come before it? Even the planets align for us to take a radical approach. And radical is not following the party lines and living in the box because it feels comfortable. I doubt when we drill down that we find it comfortable.

Do we want this planet to become unliveable? Do we want more people to live in cars and on the streets? Do we want people to go without healthcare or to die from overdoses or suicides or worse yet, homicide? What is your biggest vision for this country?

So, lighworkers, look among you for the Starseed leaders. And don’t expect them to do the work by themselves. You also need to get suited up and in the game. Our lives depend on it. Stop singing the same tune expecting different results. Yes, I know Williamson is running as a Democrat, but she’s more than that. She is a lightworker who believes in our potential. Do the other candidates even care about us or are they too focused on their plans for the future?




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Intuitive Coaching 101–5 Things You Can Do Now to Heal the World



So often we feel overwhelmed by the myriad of world problems that glare at us each day. But if we make simple changes in our daily lives we affect the greater whole. These are ways to express kindness and compassion. Here are five things you can do now to heal the world.

1) Change your diet

While the ideal diet is eating mostly plant-based foods for a myriad of reasons, even going vegan three or four days a week makes an impact. With so many vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, alternative grains, and legumes available to us, not to mention mushrooms, micro vegetables, and sprouted foods, it’s easier than ever to eat a plant-based diet.

This cuts back carbons released into the atmosphere caused by corporate farming, the cattle industry, and the dairy industries. If you must eat eggs and dairy, buy them from a local free-range farm that also feeds its animals organic feed.

Eliminate junk food since junk food contains sugar (an opioid) MSG in the form of “natural seasonings” and other names, too much sodium, and GMO ingredients which are bad for your health and the health of the environment. In fact, only buy products that are either organic or sport the Non-GMO label. Ditto for supplements.

Too expensive? Stick to only superfoods and eat less. This is possible since superfoods contain dense nutrients and when your body feels nourished you eat less.

2) Eliminate all unnecessary plastic from your life

Yeah, I know that some plastic is unavoidable especially if you eat yogurt (even vegan yogurt), buy natural products, and who knows what else. However, do you need plastic straws, cheap plastic knick-knacks, plastic toys, and too many high-tech gadgets?

If you live near a food coop or other type of community store that sells bulk soaps, lotions, shampoos, laundry products, and food, consider re-using containers instead of buying products in plastic containers. If you need some motivation, take a look at this landfill photo.

Look for alternatives. Recycle, re-use, and re-think your product consumption. And remember less is always more.


3) Drive less and use alternative forms of transportation

There are times when you require a car and times when you could walk, take the bus, ride a bike or join rideshare.

With so many people commuting between cities or from the suburbs to a city because of the cost of housing, consider the rideshare or public transportation. I see a future of more high-speed trains in the US and Canada which will improve those commutes. But if you are looking for alternative local travel, try a bike, a skateboard, or your own feet.

I sold my car in 1991 and I have been using alternative transportation or walking or when possible rideshares. Granted, there are times when I could use my own vehicle but those times are more the exception than the rule.

In addition, advocate for safe bike lanes and bicycle ways as well as, safe routes for pedestrians in your city or town. The touted alternative transportation in Portland, Oregon did not just happen overnight or without the effort of its citizens. Get involved.

4) Buy second-hand clothing

Okay, there are exceptions such as buying socks and underwear new, but by purchasing your clothing and shoes from consignment shops, thrift stores, and vintage shops, you keep clothing out of the landfill while also saving yourself money which if you choose, you can donate to a favorite cause or use to purchase superfoods.

When I lived in Bellingham, a non-profit organization launched the Ragfinery which recycled cloth scraps, old clothing, and other related goods. The clothing donations were overwhelming so much so that some clothing was donated to thrift stores who then donated to organizations that shipped extra clothing to China. The point is (and perhaps this doesn’t bode well for the old economy based on the competition model), over-consumption lead to more dumping into landfills.

The advantages of buying second-hand clothing are that you create your own unique style. You’re no longer going into a chain store and buying the same clothing as hundreds of other people with the same options of mix and match shirts and trousers, etc. Another advantage is that thrift stores donate to charities and non-profit organizations that help communities, people, the environment, and animals, depending on the thrift store’s mission.

The downside is that the clothing can smell like laundry detergent fragrances or perfume and these are hard to get out of clothing. Buy a natural detergent that addresses the removal of the fragrances from the clothes.

5) Switch to natural hygiene and household products (or make your own)

Most commercial products are toxic. If you don’t believe me, head over to the Environmental Working Group site and look up products and their ratings for toxicity (in the database). I also recommend reading Debra Lynn Dadd’s book, “Home, Safe Home” which is like a bible for people who suffer from sensitivities to chemicals.

Next time, you choose to use one of Dove’s products or douse on a synthetic fragrance consider that many of the chemicals those products cause cancer and interfere with reproductive health. Not only that, some products contain the same neurotoxic chemical that appears in bug sprays. Yes, you are basically spraying the equivalent of Raid on your body. Not only are you contributing to air pollution but you damage your health and the health of others. Use some consideration when purchasing a product. Is it harmful? Then stop using it.

If you have harmful chemicals in your home, you’ll need to take them to a poison recycling center or a hazardous waste site. And yes, includes those fancy perfumes. Too bad you have to toss out the nice glass bottles.

If you find any of these ideas helpful, share with your friends. If you would like metaphysical and practical coaching, sign up for a session with me at wholemusicexp at $100 an hour by Skype. I also give astrology readings and channel sessions. Payment.

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Neptune Girl Astrology–Uranus in Earth Signs



I am officially an astrology geek after tackling the Uranus in Virgo and Capricorn transits for the 1960s and late 1980s into the early 1990s. Why the heck am I spending a quiet Sunday (right before the Sagittarius Full Moon) researching these transits?

The best reason I have for you is transiting Uranus in the first seven degrees of Taurus and the conjunction with Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in the later degrees of Capricorn. Now, all of those birth transits if you were born in the 1960s when both Uranus and Pluto were in Virgo or from 1988 and 1996 when Uranus was in Capricorn (along with Neptune) are highlighted now. If you are a late bloomer (Capricorn) then now is your time for your fruit to ripen. 2019 and 2020 offer you golden moments or opportunities if you step up to the plate.

Continued on Whole Astrology.

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Intuitive Coaching 101–Journaling Spirit



We know that we connect to Source or our spirit guides through numerous practices. Some people prefer sitdown meditation while other people throw the cards, and still, other people keep a journal as they channel spiritual information.

I highly recommend keeping a journal next to your pillow or near your bed. You’ll find many uses for this journal including interpreting dreams, channeling your spirit guides at four a.m., or practicing automatic writing as you converse with your Higher Self.

The journal ranges from a cheap spiral-bound notebook you pick up at a discount store to a hand-sewn beauty gifted to you by a dear friend. Thrift stores often have a section where they sell diaries and journals, usually near the arts and crafts items. Or maybe you find a blank journal in an antique or vintage store. Just make sure that you don’t mind writing in it and even drawing in it.

Speaking of drawing in the journal, if writing is not your forte than make collages or sketches of your dreams or visions. I do prefer keeping a journal for writing since writing activates the flowing part of the brain and helps us get heart-centered.

Journal Spirit 

  • Record your dreams and interpretations
  • Keep track of synchronicity and repeated numbers
  • Get in touch with your Totem Animals and Spirit Guides
  • Write down your progress on a spiritual path or self-healing program
  • Paste favorite passages from books or poems
  • Write down the results of card readings
  • Write down your favorite prayers and meditations
  • Keep a daily record of your spiritual channeling sessions

Even if you prefer not to write, do it anyway. No one but you reads your journal. Treat it as a sacred space you share only with God and your spirit guides. We all need a space to express our deepest emotions, desires, and intentions where no one else treads.

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Intuitive Coaching 101–Touchstones for Challenging Times



DSCN0548What is the touchstone that helps you move through challenges? Is it a gemstone, a book, or a song? For people who have ended up homeless or in a difficult position, a touchstone keeps them grounded and it helps them feel loved.

Touchstones also give us an object to focus our love and passion. They can give us hope and faith that our life circumstances will improve even in the worst situations. I know during my own hardships, my touchstones were most often gemstones, feathers, or other metaphysical objects. My journals are often touchstones too as I document the events in my life and also the information that comes to me through spirit.

Other touchstones are Oracle or tarot card decks, figurines of saints, animals, or angels, pictures, postcards, letters sent to me from friends, jewelry, or a favorite article of clothing. The main thing is that touchstones are something tangible that contain richer meaning for us. A touchstone uplifts us by reminding us of better times in the past and better times in the future by keeping us anchored in the present moment.

Other less tangible touchstones are favorite songs, favorite colors, a favorite number, or a cherished memory. A touchstone could be a scene in a movie or a book that we repeat in our minds that give us hope or perhaps, the words of a gifted psychic that saw positive results for our efforts or aspirations.

Even if you are sailing through happier times now, find or create a touchstone. In all our lives, there are ups and downs; good times and tragic times. The touchstone travels with us through the gamut of life circumstances. Choose your touchstone wisely for it will travel with you and it will feel like a friend.

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