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angel-3026517_1920My birthday falls at the end of June. It’s been a challenging year and I require some self-care. So, I took a leap of faith and booked a hotel room for two nights in Port Townsend. And now my goal is to raise $270 by June 25 so I can confirm my booking.

If you donate $5, $10, $20 or $100, I will enter you in a raffle for a Natal Chart Skype session or narrative report.

The caveat is that I would require receiving more than one $5 donation, otherwise I can’t have a raffle.

You can donate through PayPal or send a check to PO Box 370, Port Townsend, WA  98368 (Patricia Herlevi) which I need to receive by June 25 (and please let me know you sent the check and for what amount). (My PayPal address is wholemusicexp at Replace “at” with “@”.


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The Practice–Journey to Healing the Wounded Masculine

nature-3289812_1920One day recently, I decided to play my guitar. So, I strummed it for about fifteen minutes and then put it away–nothing unusual except that I had not practiced in a long while. Then that night I woke up with my right hand twisted around my thumb.

The next morning I noticed my swollen and painful thumb. When I tried to straighten it the joint clicked and hurt like hell. A week went by and my thumb did not heal. Then an insect, probably a spider bit me on my right shoulder–this too hurt. Why was everything happening on my right side?

After I was through feeling sorry for myself, I wiped away my tears of frustration. And then I asked my spirit guides what was going on. And this is where it gets interesting. I had remembered John Newton (Health Beyond Belief) talking about our right side representing our masculine psyche and our left side representing our feminine psyche.

So, then I asked myself why was I being injured on my male side. And the answer came to me as I have a subconscious belief that men are weak. And even when I view a man as a gentle, strong or a good, I still dig around for his weaknesses. Really? So, why I do that? And why have I encountered so many weak men during my lifetime?

And this is the part that is hard to write and that’s because the male authority figures in my life have shown me failure, narcissism, insecurities, disease, emotional imbalance, and did not take responsibility for their actions. This ranges from family members to national governments, teachers, and corporate leaders. I have witnessed many men falling from grace as a child and current events around men trigger this wounding.

Now that I have this information which I dug up from my subconscious I am resolving my patterns and beliefs through forgiveness and other work. And as I am doing this, I encounter other people with injuries or illness on the right side of their bodies. This is not a coincidence since frequencies attract the matching frequencies. There are also soul groups learning the same lessons which eventually heal the collective of humanity.

And yet, as I type these words I do so with my right hand in a nylon brace because my thumb still doesn’t work properly. As I undergo physical therapy and other treatment for my hand, I will continue to heal my male side. For I know that I won’t be reunited with my twin flame until I heal both my masculine and feminine sides. At least I have this new information to work with. (Because what man in his right mind wants to be with a woman who subconsciously finds him weak?)

We are all on this journey of discovery and deep healing. Even if we had healthy-minded and loving parents, we still have wounds within our psyche. Some of us lost parents early in life through death or divorce. Some of us suffered from separation or abuse or neglect. The stories don’t matter so much unless they lead us to the wounds so that we heal those wounds. Then we can ditch the stories and their labels as we wend our way to wholeness and completion of this life spiral.

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Book Review–The Lioness and The Crab

crab cover

The Lioness And The Crab

By Elisabeth-Anne Dumont

Balboa Press

Author Elisabeth-Anne Dumont recently sent me an email message announcing her metaphysical fable, The Lioness And The Crab. A week later, I received the book in post office box. Since I felt intrigued, I read the book that afternoon. Well, I am a Cancer Crab and she featured a crab-queen or high priestess in this fable (or is it  parable?).

In an age of quantum physics and the Law of Attraction, not to mention shadow work, Dumont connects the threads of our current spiritual teachings that reminds me of a cross between The Little Prince and Jonathan Livingston Seagull–books that appeal to the young and old alike. (This book also reminds me of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist).

However, don’t mistake the brevity of this small book as weightless for it carries much gravity even when told in a voice of a spiritual teacher. It’s not even a book you would only read once and then stick on a shelf. This type of book asks for multipled readings and sharing with friends as well as, family.

The structure of the book resembles Neal Donald Walsch’s Conversation with God series as it also features a dialogue between two characters–the Lioness and the Crab. I also enjoy that the introvert and intuitive crab teaches the lioness about accepting the transformation and empowerment process. (Think of Leo and Cancer in the Zodiac Wheel).

Dumont sells her book on Amazon as a hardback and as an e-book. You can also purchase the book at Balboa Press.

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I also am interested in crystals, gemstones, and jewelry (which I will feature in videos after I relocate to a permanent home).


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Neptune Girl’s Oracle Forecast for June thru December 2018

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Whole Astrology: Taurus New Moon on May 15, 2018

On the same day we experience the Taurus New Moon, Uranus moves into Taurus after spending several days at the culmination point of Aries. And one day later, Mars moves into Aquarius where it will remain for several months. What does this mean for you?

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Whole Astrology: Aries New Moon on April 15, 2018

The same day, Mercury goes direct in Aries. The shift is gaining momentum.

Fasten your seatbelts, folks…

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Whole Astrology: This Astrologer Gets Personal

angel-3026517_1920Often astrologers appear detached as they give the forecast of current or upcoming transits with articles or with podcasts. Some astrologers share personal stories which helps us relate to them better. However, there is a fine line between sharing stories or allowing personal stories to dominate the collective. I’m about to walk that fine line.

My hope is that when I reveal and explore the transits in my chart and the progressed planets in my chart for this day, April 4, 2018, and share my experiences with this chart, some of you will relate. And while we all have different ways of dealing with the energies that come up from the cosmos, when we share our vulnerabilities with others we create a healing effect.

Patricia transists for April 18

So, the two transits causing me the most stress right now are with Mars conjunct Saturn in hanging out on my Capricorn Ascendant. And the other transit is actually Mercury in Aries retrograde in my 3rd House of Communication and the brain. Meanwhile, Neptune continues in my 2nd House and Pluto in my 1st House. Uranus gets ready to plow into my 4th House (angular) and Jupiter in Scorpio transits through my 10th House. I am feeling little relief right now even with Jupiter in a trine with Neptune.

Let’s start with the Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn hanging out near my Ascendant. Saturn goes retrograde later this month and it will return to my 12th House. Mars will move on and into Aquarius where it too will retrograde later this spring.

The collective feeling of Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn is one foot on the brake and the other on the gas. We end up lurching instead of moving forward. For me, this revolves around my personal identity and my childhood wounds. I experienced a dream which summed up my wounding. I was in a large cafeteria sitting at a long table with my peers. We all created artwork of one kind or another and pinned it to a wall for everyone to notice, criticize, judge or praise.

As we involved ourselves in a round table, everyone commented and complimented even awarded each others’ art. My artwork a large drawing of a Chinese boy was ignored by everyone. I felt invisible, sad, abandoned and pissed off. At first, I was proud of my drawing and to share it with my peers. But after they ignored it, I berated myself and my art. I felt less than zero and wanted to sneak out of the space and hide.

I know what this dream is telling me. That somewhere in my childhood my art was ignored or that I felt like I didn’t matter in my family. Perhaps, a parent had a long day at work and was exhausted when he or she came home. And when I showed the parent something I was proud of that I made in school, they dismissed it or changed the topic. As a child, I couldn’t rationalize this behavior. I just felt wounded.

So, moving forward, when I try to get my work out in the world and it’s ignored, dismissed or rejected, it is a reflection of the original wound. And it’s up to me to acknowledge this wound and to apply balm to my inner child who is raging mad and hurt from a situation that happened so long ago in time-space reality, but is just below the surface during this moment.

Mercury RX in Aries also plays a role here because Aries represents the child and Mercury represents cognitive thoughts. With Mercury RX, we are all returning to our childhoods. Saturn and Mars represents how we balance our inner child and our inner adult. Much of the criticism we say to ourselves comes from original wounding from our parents or other authorities. It’s a good time to observe our thoughts and our beliefs so we can resolve them and let them go. As adults, we have the ability to rationalize whereas, when we were children we did not have that skill.

In looking at the progressed Moon in Aquarius, emotionally, I’ve wanted to break away from society and the current collective destructive beliefs. I have fought for justice in various areas and emotionally I feel drawn to grassroots movements, especially around children and women as well as, the environment. I experience brilliant insights but forget them just as quickly. Aquarius is a forgetful sign.

My progressed Sun is at 29 degrees Leo and ready to charge into Virgo. It is in my 8th House. This represents death, rebirth, and reclaiming my power. But I also need to surrender my need to fix others so that I feel better about my life. Fixing others actually causes more harm than good. It demeans and belittles a person instead of empowering them. I am learning this lesson with my communities and with my parents. People have grown tired of my know-it-all attitude, even the dog is tired of my health improvement plan for him. It’s time for me to lay my hands off others and to focus on my healing.

Progressed Venus and Mars are still at mid-degrees Cancer in my 7th House asking me to heal myself so that I can be in a soul-to-soul partnership. I’m not looking for anything superficial. But even though I can talk the talk, can I put my feelings into action? I am in the process of balancing my feminine with my masculine sides, as we all are.

I’m going to stop here. I wanted to give you a picture of how an astrologer views their own transits. And I wanted to show how astrology works as a tool for self-exploration and evolution. As each of us cleans up our side of the street, we heal the planet.

We all matter, even the astrologer.

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Intuitive Coaching 101: A Metaphysical Life

owlFor me, metaphysics is not just a lifestyle, it’s my life. Long before, metaphysics evolved into trendy entertainment on YouTube, I read piles of self-help books and I attended dozens of spiritual workshops. I even taught my own workshops working with totem animals and rediscovering the healing power of music.

I explored shamanism, astrology, Tarot, herbalism, and various healing modalities. I practiced Creative Visualization as taught by Shakti Gawain, read Marianne Williamson’s early books, and I read many books by Hay House authors when they were still with other publishers. And most of this I did in secret or only confided with close friends who were also delving into spiritual practices.

I heard some strange lectures and got involved in some weird practices which I later ditched after learning how to practice discernment. In my 20s, I stumbled through past life regressions, fumbled with Tarot cards as I learned how to hone my intuition, and I believed that I would never learn astrology due to its complexities and the older set who set up shop as astrologers (most of which earned degrees in psychology). And since I believed I sucked at math, who would ever imagined me ever taking up astrology as a profession?

Today I am sitting here reassessing my metaphysical tools, skills, and practices that I acquired during the past three decades (yeah, I’m that old). I’m stepping into my mentoring shoes because it’s not enough to have knowledge when experience plays the final card. I practice what I teach. And what I teach is not for the feint of heart. While I’m earning my soul mastership, I enjoy sharing what I learn on this hard road. And it does help to have a sense of humor because those who take this work or themselves too seriously fall and they don’t get back up.

I take this time to thank all my teachers (in the spirit realm and in this one). That includes metaphysical authors, spiritual teachers and counselors, students, friends, workshop presenters, and YouTube hosts. No matter your age or experience you have something wonderful to share. And as time goes on, you’ll redefine your gifts and practices. You’ll change your mind, patterns, and beliefs. The teachings can only find you are at the moment and as you evolve so will your beliefs.

I recall the times I laid on the floor falling the beat of a shaman’s drum as I journeyed to other realms (without herbal enhancements). I recall the first astrologers who read my Natal Chart and thinking that I could never learn astrology. And other changes that I encountered were a change of diet, a change of lifestyle, my Third Eye opening, and Mother Nature pouring through my Crown Chakra. I experienced Oneness many times without trying, spoke to others telepathically and learned to shield myself after working with Archangels.

I’ve spoken to animals, animal spirits, trees, and stones. I discovered my Saami ancestors through a spirit guide (a former Finnish-Saami shaman), I healed my ailments with plant medicine and I visited energy healers on a regular basis. I crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I won’t return to mainstream living. I’ve seen the other side and I’m not fooling myself in thinking I don’t have to clear my energy field before I can cross permanently to the other side. For now, I am a bridge as many Lightworkers are. We intersect between ancient wisdom and the New Earth Age.

All my experiences dovetail into my coaching and channeling. And it’s all good. I don’t regret any of my experiences because otherwise, I wouldn’t be who I am now. And I’m becoming comfortable in my own skin.

Blessings and Namaste.

Feel free to share your experiences below.

Also see Whole Music Experience and Whole Astrology

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Whole Astrology: Youth Quake!

fantasy-2506830_1920Yesterday, I woke up with the spiritual guidance to write about the children’s movement for non-violence. And it coincided with the gun violence rallies in the US and around the world. Here is the podcast.


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Whole Astrology–The Game-Changing Libra Full Moon on March 31, 2018

And we thought we were through with the Cardinal T-Crosses and the Uranus-Pluto squares. This Full Moon brings culmination at the midpoint to last degrees of the Cardinal Signs.

Listen up…

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