Neptune Girl–My Top 6 Astrologers for 2019




Actually, I’m presenting my short list of favorite YouTube astrologers in this post. And I wanted to stick to a diverse list including men and women as well as, younger and older astrologers.

Despite the popularity of astrology on YouTube, astrology is still considered a fringy esoteric practice. When we mention that we’re astrologers to the average person, we often get lumped in with the dark side of spirituality, to put it mildly. Or people roll their eyes and call us woo-woo. But astrology was once considered a science. And the calculations require mathematical skills (and I thought I sucked at math).

Most astrologers, including me, studied astrology for several years, if not decades before setting up our professional practice. Some astrologers lean toward technique and logic while other astrologers combine channeling with technical brilliance. Some astrologers deliver the transits in a subdued style while others like the Leo King, deliver the horoscopes like a rock performer. Some astrologers are exotic and others remind us of the next door neighbor inviting us over for a cup of tea.

As an astrologer, I turn to my colleagues to go deeper on this path (I learn from them). I don’t view them as competitors but as a collective of souls who are obsessed with the planets and wise about the stars. And with no further delay, here is my list for 2019.

Wonder Girl–True to her Gemini Sun Sign, this young self-taught astrologer has the technology side handled. Her YouTube presentation blows my mind as she works with a camera and a tablet against a white background. And she has the business side covered too. But what I like most about Wonder Girl is her confidence and her attention to details which are also Gemini traits. She possesses excellent communication skills even if she talks quickly (Gemini/Mercury). This astrologer has a bright future ahead of her.

Astrologer Veerle–I subscribed to Veerle’s YouTube channel around 2012 or 2013. Mercury is also her ruler because she has a Virgo Sun (as far as I know). She offers a variety of videos ranging from the monthly moon forecasts to special transits. She also offers horoscopes for each of the signs each month. What I like most about Veerle are her European sensibilities and her technical knowledge.

Pam Gregory--I discovered Pam Gregory last year or possibly 2017. What I admire about Pam is her unflinching gaze at climate, politics, and personal astrology. When I first learned astrology, I discovered two schools. The first one revolved around astrological predictions for romance, career, and lifestyle.

And the second school veered away from the everyday predictions and focused upon Gaia, societal corruption, and ascension. Pam isn’t just knowledgeable, she is a wise woman, and an elder or mentor astrologer. She combines mastery with fascinating interpretations of the planetary transits and she cares about the planet. And you can’t beat the English accent in which she delivers the astrological news.

Gregory Scott–It’s been a while since I’ve watched one of Gregory’s delightful astrology videos. And he’s the only male astrologer on my list. He has an introverted and sensitive style of delivery that reminds me of Hugh Grant. And he also knows his way around the planets. When I first started watching his videos in 2013, I believe, I mainly did so for entertainment. But the more I dove into astrology, I realized his accuracy. He also does card readings.

Kelley Rosano (a tie with Jean Wiley)–Kelley is also one of the first astrologers I discovered on YouTube. She has a larger-than-life personality with plenty of Leo humor tossed into the mix. She also knows her way around the Zodiac wheel and she delivers the astrology news with pizzazz. She even wore a Wonder Woman costume in one of her videos. As far as accuracy, she’s spot-on. She’ll let you know about important transits and the ways they will transform your life.

Jean Wiley–If I had to guess Jean’s Sun Sign or Rising Sign, I would guess Leo. Jean is another astrologer that you can take to the bank, as far as accuracy. She also provides insightful interpretations to the current transits that keep me tuned into her videos. Similar to Kelley, Jean’s videos feel welcoming as if you are having a private reading at her home office.

So, that ends my astrologer round-up for 2019. And please, also check out my YouTube channel, Astrologer Patricia. Or sign up for a reading at Whole Astrology.

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Intuitive Coaching 101: 5 Roadblocks to Saying No




I noticed that women have a challenging time saying “no” to others’ requests. Our mothers taught us to be good girls and not hurt the feelings of others. And our moms also taught us to enable others instead of fostering a sense of responsibility in them. However, the following advice works for women and men.

Learning to set boundaries sends the abusers and manipulators packing. Reasonable people understand boundaries.  Setting boundaries sound easy but if no one taught us how to protect our space, time, and energy, then this practice seems uncomfortable. Some people might suffer panic attacks when learning how to say the magical word, “no”.

Roadblocks that prevent us from setting boundaries:

  • Saying no seems rude or unkind
  • We would rather please another person than confront them
  • We fear revenge
  • We fear getting fired
  • We fear abandonment

It’s never too late to reclaim your power. A visit to YouTube or self-help blogs offers instructions for successfully setting boundaries. Many self-help books cover this important practice. Or hire a professional counselor or coach to take you to the next step.

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Intuitive Coaching 101: Traits of a False Twin Flame

heart-1192662_1920Many of you are going to click off this article within the next sentence. While the concept and practice of twin flames do exist in the metaphysical realm, much of what is passed off as twin flames is carefully packaged and marketed narcissism. Let me explain that.

Many card readers, personal coaches, and astrologers needed a marketing hook or concept to attract subscribers to their blogs and YouTube channels, not to mention their workshops. So, they latched on to the highly-romanticized twin flames which finds its roots in medieval troubador songs, operas, romance novels; romantic and fantasy movies. The human heart thrives on these types of stories and there is nothing wrong with that. It becomes a problem when the twin flame quest turns into pure escapism that prevents a soul from evolving.

However, a true twin flame experience is rare. It is not all about “me” and finding “me” in another person. It is about service for the highest good whether that is serving the planet, humanity, or the creatures on the planet. And most twin flame stories do not even have happy endings. These partnerships are rife with challenges but since the two souls are highly evolved they meet those challenges and inspire others through their leadership abilities.

Most, but not all, of what I’ve witnessed in the twin flame communities online is rampant selfishness. People stop working on themselves or seeking their life work in favor of waiting for some other person to arrive in their life. And they are missing the point of the twin flame experience which is to show up and do the work. And then the partners arrives at the right time and in the right way. It doesn’t matter how many card readings you do about the twin flame, it won’t speed up the process. And if you need to keep asking about it then you lack the faith required to even align with a flame.

Plus all that money you spent on twin flame coaching sessions could have been better spent making the world a better place. All that time wasted waiting for Godot to show up and stuck in day dreams or the creation of a hundred vision boards, could have been spent on healing addiction and to create space for someone new to enter your life.

Finally, I’m ending this article with a list of twin flames. Research these couples and see the patterns of their lives.

Barrack and Michelle Obama

Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene

Saint Francis and Saint Claire of Assisi

Joan of Arc and France (yes, her country was her twin flame)

John Lennon and Yoko Ono (also John Lennon and Cynthia Lennon)

Martin Luther King, Jr. And Coretta Scott King

Gandhi and his wife

Elvis and Priscilla Presley

And many more famous couples throughout history.

Sign up for a coaching or astrology session and bust through illusions so that you show up in your full light. Whole Astrology


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Intuitive Coach 101: 10 Practices that Slow Down Ascension

fscn5977We’re all ascending. It’s not a race but a process. People who are in the first waves of ascenders are not more special than those who ascend later. Another person’s ascension journey is none of our business unless we are a spiritual teacher or healer and they are our clients.

It is easy to fall off a spiritual path as it is too easy to fall of a life path. And if you fall off your path, reflect on your behavior. And work on changing the following 10 practices.

Eliminate these 10 behaviors:

1. Using the Law of Attraction as a consumer or consumption magnet. The reason why this is on the list is that the best use of the Law of Attraction is to align with healing ourselves and the collective. LoA becomes an addiction when it is turned to manifesting things and many things people choose to manifest are destructive to the environment. If anything, remember to tag on the phrase, “For the highest and best for all concerned.”

2. Stop obsessing about meeting a twin flame and just go on and live your life. If you are meant to connect with a twin flame it is always in Divine Timing. You cannot increase the speed of the meeting by obsessing about when it is going to happen. Avoid this addictive pitfall, and heal your heart. That’s when the magic happens.

3. Stop repressing your shadows and watch your judgments of others. That’s where your shadows exist. Meet and befriend your shadows. They are actually sacred gifts.

4. Heal the guilt and shame traps. These are usually attached to your shadows and deepest wounds. Some shame and guilt comes from ancestors and is passed down from parents to children. Release your burdens through ancestral DNA clearing and other cleansing modalities. Forgive yourself and forgive the ones who shamed you.

5. Stop refusing to acknowledge your wounds and live in denial of them. This is another way of giving your power away. This practice lowers your self-confidence and leaves you feeling like a victim. It also makes you vulnerable to narcissists.

6. Stop eating low-frequency foods. Yes, I know that superfoods and organic foods are expensive, but healthy food is going to cost more, just like a quality item costs more than junk. If you use the Law of Attraction for anything let it be for non-GMO food and superfoods. And what this comes down to is how much you value your physical body and your ascension process.

The other thing I want to say about this is that some superfoods are regular vegetables such as kale, sweet potatoes, coconut, and berries. And if you are unable to purchase a regular rainbow of vegetables and fruits, then purchase a quality green and vegetable powder (that is organic). I’ve seen these going for $20.00 a container. It’s a good $20 spent and some of these powders are covered by SNAP in the US.

Cut out the soda pop, candy, and chips (except for the quality organic chips cooked in coconut oil). Prioritize healthy foods and you’ll actually eat less. And purchase a high-quality whole foods supplement if you don’t use protein powders.

7. Replace pharma drugs with natural remedies. Do this with your alternative doctor. You might have to switch doctors. Conventional medicine, for the most part, is low-frequency. Personally, I avoid as much of it as possible. And I have not taken a pharma drug since 1994 (with the exception of an asthma inhaler which I’ve used sparingly).

This statement is not a substitute for medical advice. When you make this switch work with a natural doctor or energy healer (which I am not).

8. Stop listening to “junk” music. You know what I’m referring to. This represents songs with racists, sexist, or hateful lyrics. And you also don’t want a regular diet of breakup songs or protest songs (although they are helpful once in a while). Substitute with classical, world music, some jazz, and even some of the more divinely inspired pop songs. Trust the sensations in your body.

And the other thing I want to say is that less is more. I never think that it is a good idea to saturate ourselves with music throughout the day. We need to enjoy silence too as well as, the sounds of nature.

9. Spend less time with electronic devices. Instead, spend more time in the natural world or doing things the old fashion way such as reading a regular book or playing records or CDs on an old-style player.  You don’t need to check your e-mail or phone messages every five minutes unless someone’s life depends on it. Take a break.

10. Stop allowing others to dictate your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Become the own captain of your ship. Set boundaries and know where you begin and end. Yes, we are all a member of the collective but we are also individual spokes in the wheel. You are here to shine as yourself.

Bonus: Stop drinking water with Fluoride and chlorine. Spend the extra money on purified water refills. Most grocery stores now provide pure water stations where you can refill your containers. Fluoride is a death blow to the Third-Eye. And you need full access to your Third-Eye to ascend, as far as I know.

Sign up for personal reading or session with me if you require additional guidance. Thank you for stopping by and subscribing to my blog.

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Whole Astrology–January 2019 Eclipse Season

Here is a link to my Whole Astrology article

And the YouTube podcast


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Intuitive Coaching–Favorite Card Decks (and some personal history)



My journey into card reading began in the early 1990s when I visited a hole-in-the-wall spiritual shop in the Public Market in Seattle. This was my first exposure to tarot cards. And my first official tarot reading happened in the basement of the public market in 1992 when a friend recommended a tarot reader to me.

He had a table set up in a hallway of the market. It felt like walking a maze to find this reader. I remember that he was somewhat older than me, probably in his late 30s and he had a beard which reminded me of a character from the Rider Waite deck.

At the time of that reading, I was leaving stable employment because the work environment had caused an illness for me. And I remember the card reader telling me that I would learn a craft or skill that I could do from home to pay my bills. The only freelancing I performed prior that time was as a rock musician and as a rock music journalist–neither of which paid my bills.

For many years after receiving this reader’s advice, I honed skills I could do from home, never seriously imagining that I would become an astrologer and card reader myself. I was deeply co-dependent at that time that I would give my power away to card readers and astrologers. And I also developed an addiction to card readings which I constantly gave to my self. Not that I was the only one addicted to divination tools because I knew of another woman addicted to I Ching. She wouldn’t make any decision without first going OCD with her coins.

My first decks were oracle cards and then in 1994, I bought my first tarot deck, a tiny Rider Waite deck. Since I did become addicted to my oracle cards and tarot cards, I ended up destroying one deck (Russian Gypsy oracle cards) and I sold my other decks. But then, years later, I started reading from Hay House decks. And I gained maturity and wisdom that caused me to act more responsibly with my decks. I have around 30 decks at this time. I am considering culling the decks.

With all my experience with the cards, I know when I have a winner as far as decks are concerned. A winning deck for me gives me clear and immediate responses to my questions and the inquiries of my clients. And the two most powerful decks among the 30 decks (this is an approximate number because some of my decks are in storage), are both by psychic-medium Sandra Anne Taylor.

This includes the Akashic Tarot by Taylor and her sister Anne Klingler and the Energy Oracle cards. I also want to say that I had quick readings from the two sisters back when I listened to Hay House Radio (around 2013) and I can vouch for their integrity and passion for their work. These sisters won’t ever veer off course and switch religions on us and then tell us to never use their decks again. We are in no danger there (we all know who I’m referring to).

And this is important since card decks range from $14 to $30. And with this current economy, so we want to purchase the most accurate decks created by teachers and psychics with integrity and a sense of humanity. Not only that, if you visit any new age shop, you’ll be faced with choosing a deck from literally walls and shelves of decks. And this is not to say that the decks that work for me will be perfect for you. We’re all different representing diverse energies.

So, first, I give you my top five decks. And then I’ll give tips on choosing the right decks for you.

My 5 Favorite Decks

  1. Energy Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor
  2. Akashic Tarot by Sandra Anne Taylor and Anne Klingler
  3. Morgan-Greer by Bill Greer
  4. The wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron Reid
  5. The Good Tarot by Colette Baron Reid


Tips for Choosing the Right Card Deck

  1. Look up card decks online (and if possible do sample reads)
  2. Check out decks at new age shops (do sample reads with the cards)
  3. Hold the box of cards next to your heart and see if they resonate with you
  4. Watch card reading videos on YouTube and on Facebook (and other social media)
  5. Visit publishers of card deck sites (and do sample reads if possible)
  6. Look for images that speak to your heart
  7. Read the biographies of the card creators (do they resonate with you?)
  8. See which decks keep showing up with synchronicity
  9. Choose decks that appear in your dreams

If you are already a professional card reader you realize the importance of choosing the right decks. The cards should perform well with your intuitive gifts and reading or divination style. You should never have to sit with the cards for long periods (more than five minutes) without images, sensations, or words appearing. And we must feel comfortable or at-home with the deck.

I have a few dud decks in my collection which I only keep because I enjoy the artwork on the cards. Remember if the intention of the creator of the cards was just to sell a deck as entertainment or as if it were a book and not a magical tool then the deck won’t perform well. Some decks are only made for collectors and other decks are fine novelties but useless for working with clients. I have an astrology card deck which has trickster energy. It’s a beautiful deck but useless with my work. If only I had followed my own advice for choosing decks!

And one last word of advice, decide what type of energy you want to work with. Is it angel energy, fairy energy, Gaia energy, the Divine Feminine energy, unicorns or dragons? Once you determine that part, you narrow down your choices making it much easier to acquire your perfect card deck.

And if you would like one of my expert card readings using one or more of my favorite decks, sign up for a reading at Whole Astrology.

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Intuitive Coaching 101: Finding Magic in Every Day

purple poppy 1


The difference between some old and some new souls is that older souls see beauty in both the profound and the mundane. An old soul sees the stars in a leaf or an apple. The old soul finds chunks of Jasper and quartz in gravel or beach rocks. And the old soul feels the powerful communication coming from the natural kingdoms.

And it’s good that us old souls see and sense this magic in everyday situations because otherwise we would grow bored with life on this planet quickly. Old souls don’t care about the lives of celebrities or follow their local or national sports teams as if it is a fever they want to catch. In fact, it is the very attitude of communicating with the natural world and seeing the bigger picture that sets old souls apart.

And since they realize the people around them aren’t seeing the world in Technicolor, they opt to spend time alone or they lose themselves in fantasies of meeting people just like them.

So, what are some of the ways old souls find magic in their everyday experiences?

  • They enjoy strolls alone or with a dog companion
  • They love the various architecture and structures in their communities
  • They enjoy photography and other art forms
  • They enjoy hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities
  • They know where their food comes from and enjoy growing it
  • They know their totem and power animals
  • They identify with Indigenous cultures
  • They are rock hounds or gem specialists
  • They collect feathers, leaves, acorns, and pinecones
  • They are metaphysical (even if they don’t tell you)
  • They have vivid past life memories as Indigenous people
  • They are often healers or shamans (even if they don’t know it yet)
  • They often feel like they don’t fit in with their family or community
  • They enjoy traveling
  • They would feel at home in a trailer, yurt, tiny house, cabin or rustic cottage (or tree house)
  • They are tree huggers and animal advocates
  • They use plant medicine
  • They are on a quest for wisdom


If you believe that you are an old soul, start cultivating the above activities and reach out to others who also have those interests and practices. Build your own community where you show up authentically and enjoy mutual love and reaspect.

I am a teacher, coach and astrologer who is also an old soul. Sign up for readings at Whole Astrology. I would be happy to work with you.

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Planet Alert—Jupiter Transits into Sagittarius in November 2018

renaissance universe


On November 8, 2018, Jupiter transits into its own sign, Sagittarius. This is big news despite Jupiter changing signs every 12 months because both Jupiter and Sagittarius rule “big” through their expansiveness and even hyperbole associated with Sagittarius.

Since Sagittarius rules religion, the legal system, higher education (academic), the world stage, foreign travel, ethnic groups, ideologies, philosophy, and foreign languages as in long-distance communication, we can expand all of those areas or we exaggerate them. So we get the giantic house, the gigantic car, the supersize meal and that sort of thing. Sarcasm also becomes the norm and can be quite hurtful for the more sensitive types of people.

Improv comedy sees its heyday again. And everyone thinks that they are hilarious even when they are actually blunt and hurtful at times. And while you would think that Jupiter in Sagittarius would promote tolerance it could actually does the opposite. Remember the intolerance of different ethnic groups and religious affiliations that surfaced when Saturn was in Sagittarius? While Saturn restricted behaviors and the expression of beliefs, Jupiter will create heated situations where people feel ridiculed or attacked. Remember the French movie, Ridicule?

Since Jupiter expands what it touches, racism and other forms of intolerance could actually explode in our faces. And for those of you who work as new age or alternative spiritual teachers, coaches, or channels, you could actually become the target of religious zealots or people coming after you with legal suits. This is not a warning to tell you to switch careers. Keep going and keep the faith in what you are doing if you are honest and teaching with integrity. Charlatans will get flushed out at during this 12-month Jupiter transit. And we already see Pope Francis, a Sagittarius, being called to the carpet about sexual abuse that took place among Catholic clergy.

So, expect top religious figures to come under scrutiny too. But if you are a new age practitioner or you just dabble in metaphysics, find your center and grounding so that you are not tossed off course by cyber and other bullies. Jupiter in Sagittarius could end up resembling a witch hunt, but if you heal your triggers around shame and guilt, you will ride the storm unscathed. This is the Jupiter in Sagittarius initiation. And it is a baptism by fire.

Between now and November 8, work on the following so that you keep your faith in yourself alive and don’t toss in the towel due to snarky trolls who in most cases have a bark that is worse than the bite.

  • Heal your core issues around guilt and shame
  • Do your forgiveness work now
  • Keep your ego in check
  • Delve into the true reason you do your work
  • Be honest with yourself and don’t take any spiritual shortcuts
  • Walk your talk
  • Don’t bring up topics you have no personal experience with unless you are a journalist interviewing an expert
  • Go deeper into your personal and academic education
  • Get credentials if you need them
  • Put together a support team of people you can trust
  • Set strong boundaries and use discernment
  • Avoid sacarcasm with clients and viewers of your videos
  • Don’t make exaggerated claims and check your facts
  • Don’t fight back online with bullies (report or flag them instead)
  • Take death threats seriously and report them to authorities (instead of joking about them or making public comments about them)
  • Refrain from acting like a victim (this causes more bullying)
  • Don’t leave provocative comments on other people’s videos (this could upset a bully who decides to follow you)
  • If you feel a need to block someone from your feed or channel, do it immediately
  • Do regular introspective checks on yourself to make sure you are in integrity with your work

If you have more to add to this list to help the community of spiritual teachers, healers, and coaches, feel free to leave a comment below.

I am an astrologer, coach, and spiritual channel. You can sign up for readings at Whole Astrology.

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Spiritual Essay on Faith



Faith is believing in what you can’t see or experience yet. It is believing in potential of light during the darkest of times.

I encountered faith often when I lived between homes. And while I cannot speak for millions of homeless people who sleep on couches of strangers and friends; I cannot speak for people who live in cars or run down trailers or on the street or in shelters, faith plays a role in all of our lives.

When I lost a studio apartment on September 1, 2015 (which launched a year of living in attics, basements, and hotel rooms), I nearly suffocated from chlorine bleach fumes at a hotel in Bellingham. The next day when I woke up, waves of nausea and a migraine greeted me. My eyes and throat burned throughout the night. I had yet to buy a cell phone and I was experiencing difficulties with my laptop.

But even though I could barely gag down half a container of yogurt while I tried to get a hold of a woman renting out a temporary apartment, I experienced faith that everything would work out for the time being. And people were helpful, including the concierge at the hotel who offered to have someone drive me to the storage unit so I could drop off my belongings. And the woman with the apartment for rent picked me up downtown to take me to the residence.

After a shower and a long-night’s rest, I woke up feeling like myself again. Hope returned as I responded to more housing ads, ate a good breakfast, and took a walk around the Columbia Neighborhood—where I hoped to find a home at that time. Oddly, I did end up living for several months in that neighborhood in another temporary apartment rented to me by a kind family.

But there were times when I had to find a different place to sleep each night and these periods stretched for one or two weeks. I took out my Energy Oracle cards and asked where I would sleep that particular night and I never slept on a street or in a shelter. As much as I ranted and complained about lack of housing, something always came through for me, almost miraculously and I practiced gratitude more often than I ranted-though my gratitude was silent and my rants were loud on social media.

Faith is not the absence of fear or doubt. Faith comes when we face our fears and move forward even if that means leaping into the void. I’m not alone because most people have faced taking leaps of faith—homeless people and people recovering from illness do this every moment of the day. No one really knows where they are heading or what appears on the trail up ahead. No one predicts the Dark Night of the Soul or when initiations show up in their lives.

To an extent, our thoughts matter because they shape our emotions which eventually carve out our lives. Many spiritual teachers claim that we can start over again at any time, but most of us grapple with this concept. We feel that we really blew it. That no one will give us a second chance, but faith will give us many chances.

Faith comes from the Zodiac Signs Pisces and Sagittarius. And these signs tell us to go with the flow and to expand our consciousness. They focus on the invisible realms mainly or step in and out of dreams. If we can imagine it, we can create it, for these are creative signs on the Zodiac Wheel.

I’m not big on Abraham Hicks any longer nor do I prefer to focus on healing from narcissist abuse videos any longer either (two ends of the spectrum). Whether or not I suffer from PTSD matters so much any longer since it’s time to journey past any label or diagnosis and replace it with the faith that I am in the right place and in the right way.

The truth lies somewhere in between new age thought and psychological disorders. Yesterday I met a woman on a bus and then I spoke to her on the ferry. She seemed stuck on a mental health label despite her obvious inner beauty and creative gifts. I sat on my hands even though I wanted to coach her to explore her gifts and to stop focusing on her diagnosis which left her feeling stuck. And perhaps, people have felt the same way about me and other creative and beautiful people.

Diagnosis on one hand, have the power to set us free if we choose to empower ourselves through a healing process. However, on the other hand, diagnosis can also keep people feeling stuck because they project that they are undeserving and that they are faulty goods, when in almost every case, the opposite scenario is true.

We all face challenges. For some people that is recovering from addictions and for others, it is finding a home and meaningful employment and yet for others, it is recovering their entire life. All this is possible through faith because when we step into the unknown, we are the ones who manifest miracles.

Excerpt from one of my memoirs Copyright applies 

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The Practice: Journaling the Twin Flame

twin-flames-2548406_1920Your life can change in an instant when you experience an inspired moment set in motion by another creative person. Not long ago, when I was at the Dollar Tree looking through books published several years ago (now selling for a dollar), I found Nick Bantock’s graphic novel, “The Pharos Gate” which is number 7 in a series.

The novel features a twin flame relationship with the story told through a letters and postcards. The book actually features 3-dimensional postcards and letters that you hold in your hands as you read them. And the author-artist works mainly with collage and handwriting.

I found a collection of crafty postcards next to the novel and I bought those too. I figured I was experiencing synchronicity that sparked my creativity. And then, after reading Nick’s novel (took around 30 minutes), I pulled out a lovely journal I had bought recently, my paper supplies, and I set out to write my own twin flame book, a memoir, and not a novel. And I do this through letter writing to my twin flame (who I have only met telepathically).

I feel vulnerable mentioning this secret project to you. However, as we walk through the portals now and shift our consciousness, I believe that journaling to a twin flame or a spirit guide provides a positive outlet and an antidote to the darkness and chaos in the world. It’s really no different than Neal Donald Walsch’s conversations with a higher being (God).

The Law of Attraction teachers (the real ones not the ones steeped in greed and exploitation) tell us that we attract through focus. So, if we only focus on the negative or toxic news of the day then we attract more of the same. And then we wonder why we lack a true partnership in our life or a successful career or a joyful spiritual path. We really are at a crossroads and each of us has to decide whether we wish to partake in the Earth’s gifts or wallow in self-punishment because we believe that it is our duty to take on the darkness of the world. That’s co-dependent behavior, folks.

We heal the dysfunctional world by healing our dysfunctional selves. We are only responsible for our own healing. We cannot make choices for others and perhaps, the twin flame doesn’t show up until we ride the frequency of joy. At least, that is how it is for me.

So, when we are faced with tragic situations there are two questions we must ask ourselves:

What belief do I harbor that aligns me with this situation or person?


Am I able to surrender this situation or person with love to the Creator for their highest good?

Then you can ask the Creator or your guides or your Higher Self what role you can play in the situation that would actually help the person or situation without sucking you dry in the process. You need your energy and vitality for life on this planet so don’t give it away.

Surround yourself in a pillar of light. Surround the person or situation in the pillar of light. And then, move forward. Go back to your manifestation of happiness and joy in your life. Return to your healing path knowing that when you clear your path and heal your soul, this healing ripples out.

And sometimes, (as I gleaned from Nick’s novel), that light return to you as shadows and dark people. Breathe light into it. And ask your guides to protect and guide you through it. The more light we shine, the more shadows we experience. The trick is not to get caught in it.

So, back to the twin flame journal. You only require paper, stickers, a colored pen, and a journal. You also need glue, tape, and scissors (I tear the paper for a better effect). And check out Nick Bantock’s series on Chronicle Books. You might even check used bookstores and the Dollar Tree for the novels.

Then choose a time of day where you can sit in quiet contemplation to write your letteres and postcards for your journal. You might even light two candles representing the twin flames. You can include gemstones, flower essences, and essential oils too. Do whatever works best for you. And enjoy the process and the journey.


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