Intuitive Coaching 101–Moving Past Dangerous Beliefs

DSCN4773The main lesson this year from the Saturn-Neptune Square has revolved around beliefs. We have noticed beliefs turn into dangerous ideologies and then erupting in violence. We have seen beliefs play out in the religious, political, and personal realms. And with Neptune involved, you know that our beliefs contain delusional structures.

“A belief is only a thought and a thought can be changed.”–Louise Hay

I’m reminded of that song by the band R.E.M. which starts every phrase with, “I believe.” And this has been the mantra and motto for the past year. People start sentences by declaring their beliefs and ideologies while expecting others to validate them through agreement. But as an astrologer, I know that the Saturn Neptune Square is running this show we call chaos.

I’m also familiar with the spiritual teacher John Newton’s work around dispelling beliefs. Beliefs are like magic spells we cast upon ourselves. Even when we switch sides or change beliefs we still cling to the old ones. We even fight teeth and nail to hang onto beliefs that no longer feel true or work for us. We fear that if we let go of our stronghold on the belief that we’ll lose our identity.

But our true identity is a reflection of God, this moment, and this single breath. We are not that which we believe. Beliefs are illusions that keep us stuck in our egos. Beliefs keep us fighting with our family or community. We pit ourselves against those who don’t share our beliefs and we call these folks evil. You see this playing out with the pro-choice and pro-life folks, both thinking the other side evil. And yet we are creatures of a single God and even that’s a belief. Is it true?

If you want to know what’s true in your heart, place your hand on your heart and ask it. Then listen closely to that small voice that whispers or warbles like a songbird. Remember that beliefs create reality and we all experience different realities based on our beliefs. So when beliefs clash so do realities. For instance, if someone believes that there is a housing shortage or that there isn’t enough to go around then their experiences will back that up. I have seen this play out in my own life.

So how do we delete beliefs or at least change them? Cognitive therapy works. As does the work of John Newton who even uncovers hidden beliefs or beliefs steeped in ancestral DNA. Check out his work at Health Beyond Belief.

I give astrology coaching sessions to also help uncover beliefs and to navigate the Saturn Neptune Square that has affected us this spring and summer. Contact me at Whole Astrology.

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Whole Astrology–Virgo Solar Eclipse (A Game-Changer)

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Photo by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved

I’m going on a sabbatical from blogging, except for Whole Astrology until I sort out my housing situation. I believe that I’m at the tail end of the life challenge.

In the meantime, continue to visit this blog, Bonjour Bellingham, Whole Music Experience, and Belle Author.

Thank you for your patience.

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Whole Astrology–The Neptune Effect


For most people, especially people not practicing mindfulness, Neptune plays like pop music in the background. Neptune plays the role of a trend-setter as it transits in a single sign for around 13 years. It is also a generational marker much like Pluto which also stays in a single sign for around 13 to 20 years since Pluto is much further out than Neptune in the cosmos.

But in comparing the two planets, Pluto has a more physical effect as it manifests patterns and beliefs in our subconscious through projections and shadows. Psychology fits under Pluto, but Neptune represents our undoing when we lose our footing or mooring in the world. It’s like our sense of reality and stability dissolve under Neptune’s gaze since Neptune represents the astrological 12th House which rules dissolution of matter. Neptune leaves us hanging in the cosmos as we hang onto a thin thread of conscious reality as in astro projection.

So as I mentioned earlier, for most people Neptune plays in the background. It feels nebulous and we can’t articulate a Neptune event. We often blame Pluto or Uranus for changes that occur in our lives. I got divorced because Pluto transited to my Sun or my parents died when Pluto conjuncted my 8th House Saturn.


But Neptune also can bring death, just not as suddenly. With Neptune the person is there in solid form one day and then the next off to the other side of the veil. There’s a sense that the soul or spirit is still present and communicating telepathically as I found when  my maternal grandmother died in her sleep. BTW, she had a strong Neptune signature in her chart and would have made a gifted psychic.

So astrologers noticed Neptune humming in the background with the rise of therapies revolving around the arts such as music therapy (growing popularity), cinema therapy, and photo therapy, not to mention dance therapies. We have noticed autistic children taking up more space in the media and that too can fall under Neptune, especially if the child was born with several personal planets falling in the 12th House. That can also represent an artists savant.

signs-of-the-time-027Sound healing and musicians taking up causes to heal the planet also fall under a more mindful Neptune transit. With Neptune in Pisces we’ve seen much criticism about the use of fossil fuels and we worry about pollution of the air and water. Virgo brings discernment and critical thinking (polar opposite of Pisces). So when Jupiter or any planet transits in Virgo and opposes Neptune, we at least have someone bringing a dose of realism to the situation.

Now with the Saturn Neptune Square, Saturn in Sagittarius (a bit of a spacey sign as well and not grounded in reality), we have seen balls of confusion exploding in he religious and political arenas. We have seen politicians thumbing their nose at the law and getting away with it (or so they think). We have seen celebrated people suffering delusions of grandeur  at least until Saturn moves into Capricorn at the end of 2017. We have seen more narcissism and personality disorders that we can shake a finger at, but we gaze mostly with compassion. Then we realize we also suffer our own delusions of grandeur but on a smaller scale. People only have power over us when we project our victimhood onto them which happens a lot with Neptune in Pisces and locked in T-Crosses with Jupiter and Saturn.

So a less mindful person looks for a savior outside of themselves and proclaim him or her God as we have seen with the rise of Donald Trump (Republican Party candidate for US President) from the support of fundamentalists Christians and disenfranchised people who haven’t a clue how the political system is supposed to operate in a democracy. You don’t just toss out the baby with the bathwater and then expect not to drown the masses. A mindless Neptune is a narcissistic one who buys into his own glamour by aligning himself with a false prophet.

And I’m not letting the Bernie supporters off the hook either. As much as I have supported Bernie Sanders, he is also not a savior nor does he have all the answers. We can’t dump all our woes on a single person and expect him to rescue us. That is called escapism and denial which revolve around a mindless Neptune approach. A more mindful approach involves having compassion for people who are deeply wounded and act out those wounds harming others or lording over them. Neptune rules forgiveness and spiritual practices that lead us en mass to transcendence. But the irony of that is that each of us must tune into our individual guidance.

With Neptune we float around in cosmic soup like herbs floating on the surface. We are not separate from others who like a clear pond reflect back to us. But we’re also are separate when we latch on to our ego. Then Neptune offers escapes in the form of tobacco products, pot, alcohol and recreational drugs. It offers escapes with computer games, mind-numbing books and movies or body-damaging music.

I think many younger astrologers gloss over Neptune transits simply because they defy a good headline and we can’t get an angle on the slippery planet. So few of us experience the Neptune effect mindfully and its transits are brutal in ways we can’t explain, such as suffering delusions that lead to a long hospital stay (mental hospital) or send us to the end of our life where we undergo meaningful hospice care.

So that’s Neptune in a nutshell. It’s the beautiful blue planet that rules our nightly dreams and daydreams. It rules our escape routes and our undoing. But it also rules transcendence and out of the body experiences. And even going back to our experiences in the womb through hypnosis. Neptune is also the rainbow bridge that gets us from Uranus to Pluto.



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Whole Astrology–Aquarius Full Moon

Uh-oh, here comes the Aquarius Full Moon (August 18, 2016)

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Intuitive 101–Advice vs. Inner Guidance


Photo by Patricia Herlevi

Last August I had a session with channel Frank Butterfield (Communion of Light). He said many shocking things to me. Frank told me to stop following other people’s advice and follow my own inner wisdom. He said that I was already a Master Manifestor, even though I could not take those words to heart at the time. After all, I only had 13 days to find a new home and I was suffering from panic attacks.

Yet, during the past year I have realized that I don’t actually want anyone’s advice. And Frank also told me to stop manipulating other people to get them to do what I think they must do. And when I practiced alignment instead of going and getting, the right people showed up at the right time–sometimes at zero hour. At first, I gave into drama or spun some drama of my own knowing full-well the world did not require anymore drama. No one wants to sit in those cheap seats any longer viewing so-called reality entertainment. I know I don’t. I’ve even grown bored of my stories. And that’s a very good thing.

So here’s what I learned. When we mind our own business and allow others to mind their own business, evolution occurs. This happens because we’re not interfering with other people’s life paths. And haven’t we all grown tired of self-righteous attitudes posing as well-meaning intentions. “I meant well,” she says as she slams the door in your face and calls you ungrateful in the process.

If we want to burn out, then trying to help others or shove our well-meaning intentions on them is the way to go. But if we want to walk on our own lit path, then the best way to do that is to allow people to stumble along their path. The best way to help an addict for instance, is to walk away and live your own life. And that might mean seeking therapy for co-dependence. Remember like attracts like so if you find yourself attracted to people requiring “rescuing” or “your help” because that makes you feel better, than you might wish to leave your ego with the hat check girl.

As I traveled a rocky road during the past year (literally my journey began on July 31, 2015), I’ve learned the following lessons:

No one needs my advice except for them to tune into their own inner guidance

I don’t know what’s best for others, but I do know what’s best for me

I actually don’t want anyone’s advice because I’m enjoying this learning curve

When I figure something out for myself, I gain confidence and power

I’m the only one who knows what’s best for me and you are the only one who knows what’s best for you

The flow of synchronicity will lead people to their answers

We might be part of that synchronicity but only if we come from an authentic place

We can’t chew other people’s food for them

Just because someone’s life looks like a mess does not imply that they’re not on the right path

Just because someone’s life looks messy does not mean their healing modalities aren’t working (and in fact, they are working thus the mess)

Our souls called forth the circumstances in our lives for reasons

Never help someone out because you feel guilty or “bad” for them

On the other hand, while giving advice usually isn’t too helpful, practical and physical help lifts others up. Help a person move home. Help a person with a lift to a destination if they don’t have a car. If someone is sick go to the store for them or cook them a meal. Give hugs and not your opinions. Love others where they are without judgement or projections.

When someone asks you for advice, ask them to tune into their hearts. Tell them to go within and listen to their souls. That’s where the true answer and empowerment live. Ask them to recall their nightly dreams and to listen to their gut. If anything teach others how to hear their intuition and listen to their gut.

Instead of giving advice or shoving it on them because it makes you feel useful (ego), ask the following questions. “What would make you feel better right now?” “What is bothering you the most about this situation?” “What would you like to see happen next?” “What is your next best step?” “What do you need from me?”

Now, if the person finds themselves in a true crisis. If their life is in danger or they are putting someone else’ life in danger, stop and call 911. And if your job is helping people through crisis then this post probably doesn’t apply to you directly. But understand that everyone has inner guidance and things aren’t always what they seem. The Chinese have a proverb about opportunity existing in a chaos.

A year ago, my life was a complete mess. Some people gave up on me while others stuck by this messy process we call growth. A person could be homeless one day and a millionaire the next week. Someone could have cancer when you meet them and a year later embracing a life as a raw-foods vegan and leading spiritual retreats. Don’t doom other people with statistics or “reality” checks. The truth is we don’t know the inner power that exists in all of us. Everyone has potential and it’s often reached when the person gets in touch with their soul. But they can’t do that when we surround them in well-meaning advice. We just don’t know.  But they do.

Growth is messy. Think of the mess we make when we clean out a closet. We pull everything out and all this junk and gems clutter a room. We decide what to toss, what to recycle, what to give away, and what to keep. Then we organize the keepers on shelves, in baskets, and plastic containers. Then when the job is done, we give a sigh of relief and possibly pleasure. I don’t know about you, but when I handle my own problems in the way that feels best to me, I develop more confidence. I feel empowered. I think it’s the same for everyone. Help in ways that don’t stifle growth or evolution of another. Be discerning of co-dependent behavior or a martyr attitude. Everyone has God inside them. Everyone has angels watching over them. Everyone has intuition. Everyone.

Sign up for a coaching empowerment session or for an astrology report at Whole Astrology Together you and I discern your next best step as dictated by your inner wisdom. In this way our wise souls mingle and empower both of us.



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Intuitive Coaching 101–Wisdom Round up for July 2016

Milky way 3

Synchronicity is the thread that ties us all together into the cosmic collective.

Synchronicity has played a huge role this summer for me. When I ask a question, the answer pops up for me on a blog or a YouTube video. So I’m going to share some of the wisdom gems that have popped up in my life. Since I believe we are soul-tribal you might be asking the same questions and I might be a link in the chain of synchronicity playing out in your life. As always use discernment.

I have been suffering from health issues, mainly with digestion, depression or anxiety at the end of a day (when I started out in a joyful place at dawn), and painful leg cramps. When I was watching oracle card readers on YouTube, several of them mentioned that Archangel Raphael would be working with us in regard to health issues. Little known to me that Raphael uses the internet to get our attention, at least he got my attention that way. Note you might think of Raphael as female which is fine.

So I’m on YouTube and Danielle Agnew, an energy therapist gives a presentation on gemstones and Epsom salt to wash away or protect ourselves from psychic debris floating around. With the current planetary transits, collectively we are all experiencing confusion, loss, and fear of change. Some people act this fear out more dramatically than others, but we’re all picking up vibrations from this sour cosmic soup. Those of you who glue your ear to the radio or eyes to the television or computer screen absorbing the daily or weekly news could use Agnew’s wonderful advice.

She recommends three gemstones to wear next to the Heart Chakra which include: Black Tourmaline, Hematite, and Rose Quartz. In addition, my counselor gave me an exercise for staying in my body since I felt like I was floating off in different directions every time I was around other people or at certain locations. And Agnew reminds us to take Epsom salt baths since the salts absorb the lower vibrations and cleanse us of them.

Incidentally, when I looked up the healing properties of Black Tourmaline, it heals depression, and removes doubts, worries, and helps with anxiety. Just what the doctor ordered.

And speaking of Epsom salt, Dr. Caroline Dean, an expert researcher and medical doctor who specializes in magnesium deficiency, recommends Epsom salt baths too. In a radio interview I found on YouTube, Dr. Dean said to filter in clay into the bathwater to absorb chlorine and fluoride which interferes with absorption of the Epsom salt. She also mentioned taking ionic magnesium since our bodies do not absorb chelated or citrate magnesium well. And Dr. Dean tells us that 80 percent of humans are magnesium deficient. This leads to a variety of medical conditions and symptoms such as migraines, cramping, insomnia, muscle tension and even depression.

When I read my local food coops magazine, I noticed that ionic magnesium was on sale so I bought a bottle of the minerals. And the magnesium and purified water has come up in several conversations in the past week, leading me to take better care of my physical and mental bodies.

The next question I had was in regard to background music (usually pop or rock) that we hear at natural grocery stores. Since Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research had proven that water crystals absorb and respond to sound vibrations including words, and most food contains water, how is this loud music tainting our organic produce?

As soon as I asked the question on social media, I found a magazine (promotional for a supplement line) that had an article on Michael Tyrrell, a musician who works with whole tones and sound vibrations mindfully.  The article that appeared in Jordan Rubin’s new magazine Get Real focuses on how this whole tone music enhances the wholeness of sprouted foods when the foods are exposed to the music. So someone is on the right page as me in regard to sound vibration and food.

This includes my wisdom round-up for this month. I don’t know if this will be a regular series or a one-time post. However, I ask you to pay attention to messages coming to you and stay mindful of the questions you send out to the Universe. Our Spirit Guides use whatever medium they think is best to reach us. It makes sense that they would reach us through our computers or at places where we frequent.

Here are some links: Get Real Danielle Agnew and Dr. Carolyn Dean

Sign up for an intuitive coaching session or get an astrology report from me. I specialize in creative coaching for entrepreneurs and artists as well as, pediatric astrology. Find out more at Whole Astrology.



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Intuitive Coaching 101: Disappointment from Not Tuning into Your Soul


photo by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved

Often times events or people let us down. But I ask, why did we give our power away in the first place? We all do that. A good example is when people put all their energy into endorsing a particular political candidate. And treating this person like a savior. Then when the candidate reveals his or her human side, people are left holding an empty bag. Or they suffer from a broken heart.

They ask, “How could you have betrayed me?” Only no one can betray us unless we betray ourselves. So let’s stop giving our power away. Tune into your heart. Do as Sonia Choquette advises and place your hand over your heart and ask your soul what it desires. Each of us has internal guidance. Just like all the creatures around us who follow a cycle of a day or a season, and know what to do when, so do we. We all have an inner compass or inner guides who speak to us constantly.

The ego lies to us and tells us we are all alone. The ego tells us that no one loves us, but the eternal truth is that God sends unconditional love. What does that mean, unconditional love? It means love without conditions. It means that sin is the biggest lie because sin means in Latin to do without. And to sin would imply that we have turned away from the Universal force we call God or any other name you choose. It’s the force within and around us at all times.

Our egos tell us we’re alone. Our egos tell us there is no love for us. But this is not the truth. Love is in the wind that caresses us and the waves that greet our feet when we dip into the ocean. The stars twinkling in the night sky pulsate love to us. The birds sing love songs to our thirsty ears. It’s all there if we stop allowing distractions to enter our lives and pay attention.

Wise people preach mindfulness. And we wonder what that means. We analyze mindfulness and then write reams on the topic. But is that an act of mindfulness? Must we contemplate presence of mind or can we just be present? As I channel these words and feel my fingers caressing the keyboard, I feel unconditional love flowing through me. That’s love without conditions. That is God telling me, telling us, we’re good enough as we were originally created in an act of love, no matter the circumstances. We are good enough. How could it be otherwise?

So release the anxiety. Let go of the stress and breathe deeply into this moment. Now, you get a sense of peace and that peace leads to love which leads to joy which leads to ecstasy. Dance to your own song. Sing a silly song or laugh because you get the cosmic joke. There is no sin and there is no savior unless that savior is you.

We don’t require to teach others or to even heal others. Everyone has a life force and the capability to heal themselves. Focus upon your own soul. Yes, breathe and focus on your own path. Let others off the hook. Stop trying to save them. This is a distraction, by the way. Save yourself that is if you believe you need saving. You probably don’t. You know that you are loved unconditionally by these words. Can you feel it? Forgive, and release the illusions that plague you. There is only LOVE here. Only Love. That’s all.

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Whole Astrology–Creative & Fun Leo New Moon

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Whole Astrology–Cleaning Psychic Pollution

Video for Mars in Scorpio RX and Direct:

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