Intuitive Coaching 101–Facing Adversaries with Dignity

angel-3026517_1920.jpgDuring recent months, I found myself in the throes of the most painful days of my life. Actually, this dark period began in 2014 and has continued through 2017. Even though I said that I was done talking about narcissists, the truth is that I find myself embroiled in a den of them.

Sometimes I am able to detach and see the bigger picture. I am able to witness their reactions to me as an observer. I take the advice of one expert and visualize myself wearing a white coat and observing these challenging people. I have met so many of them during the past three years when I gained an awareness of this personality disorder. But looking back, I’ve known this personality type my entire life. It is only now that their games and ploys have come to my awareness. And it is only now that I send their shame, guilt, and suffering back to them instead of playing the role of the dysfunctional good girl.

Some of you know what I’m talking about. Some of you are hanging on waiting for relatives to die in hopes that you will be compensated by something left to you in a will. But the truth is you may never see any gifts and in the meantime, these adversaries strung you along. And it’s because they feel wounded and empty inside. It’s because they can’t stand the pain so they project it on to you. And it keeps getting passed down through each generation. I have seen it on all sides of my family and moving into the future. There is psychological help for these folks but in order to get this help, they have to admit that they have a problem and it is within them. They are unable to do this. It is a vicious cycle that destroys families, communities, nations, and ultimately the planet.

Now, I wonder if we focus on our end of it by using DNA ancestral clearing work, forgiveness work, and other types of energy release work, if this will eventually cause the narcissists to acquire healing. Right now, the statistic is that only one percent of narcissists will admit that they are the problem and get help. It is easier for them to play victim and martyr roles. It is easier for them to drag you into their wounded karma. It is easier for them to place the blame on others or gossip about them behind their back while destroying personal character/reputation.

Many healers and teachers I have spoken with who work on healing people who suffer narcissistic abuse tell me that the best way to heal is to dissociate from the source of the pain or to break away from the people abusing you. This makes total sense. Unfortunately, it is not always possible if social services and funds are not available, as they currently aren’t based on world economics. Some people suffering from narc abuse (I know of at least one), are living on the street or in a shelter because they sought their freedom. This also is a toxic option unless the shelter provides a leg up and helps that person get back on his or her feet economically and into their own home. This does happen.

So, if you find yourself living in a toxic household, make your exit plan now and take even one small step towards it each day. Find advocates in your community or at least support groups online. Copy down the crisis clinic or hotline number in your community. Keep it on hand. Ask others who you trust to pray with you and for you. I believe in the power of prayer from any spiritual tradition.

Know that you are not alone because I imagine millions of people face the same demons in others close to them. It seems epidemic at this time.

Shine the light on the world and flush out the darkness. Only then, will we heal this rift in humanity.

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Capricorn New Moon for January 16, 2018

Signs most affected by this New Moon are: Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra, Taurus, and Scorpio.

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Neptune Girl’s Powerful Forecasts (channel session) for 2018

Gaia 1What’s coming up? End of economic classes begins. Finland is on the upswing, Russia is on the downslide. Earth changes coupled with human-made industries clash causing strange weather patterns and natural disasters. We become more mobile and enter the Aquarius Age of collectives…

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Intuitive Coaching 101–Clearing the Path for a Soulful Partnership



Another great image from Pix a Bay

I actually, articulated this theme earlier this morning upon awakening. And now, having gone through my morning routine, the information I channeled this morning on clearing the way for a soulful partnership (some people refer to this as a twin flame partnership) is fading fast.


Basically, we need to clear our emotional baggage in our daily life, from our past childhood experiences while also releasing cords from all previous love partnerships. And this does not just include requited relationships. We need to release everyone we’ve ever desired who did not also desire us.

One of the mistakes I made in the past (that blocks the way for a new partnership) was to write affirmations in my journals (which I found recently) stating a relationship with a particular person. When I found these pages (in journals from the 1990s), I ripped them out and put them through the shredder while saying, “I now release you and all my ties with you through all time space and realities.”

And each night while I’m working with Metatron and each morning when I meditate, I bring up images of people who I need to release. These aren’t just old boyfriends or crushes either. I have cleared and released energy patterns and cords attached to people who mirrored back to me my wounds. I thanked them and then forgave them when I set them free. And I feel that I am creating a vacuum for someone new and different to enter my life. I am preparing the ground just like a gardener clears away the old to plant new seeds, except now, I’m planting new intentions.

So, here are some clearing steps you can take to prepare the soil for a new partnership that is on higher ground:

  1. Go through old journals (if you do affirmations) and shred any pages with old affirmations for a particular person, old intentions, and old needs for a partnership. (This list includes birthday and solstice intentions).
  2. Go through your memory and release anyone that comes up for release. Again, pull those cords off and dissolve them.
  3. Forgive any past partners or friends who have caused deep wounding. Then heal your inner child too.
  4. Toss out old letters, cards, and gifts you received from a former partner or friend that is no longer in your life. (I have to admit I’m not so good at this. I still have a gorgeous jewelry box and a pair of binoculars given to me as gifts that I can’t toss out). I at least saged them.
  5. Pay attention to dreams and see who comes up in the dreams. It might be that you need to release these folks too.
  6. Allow old dreams to dissolve because you are a different person now and have different needs. Just like you wouldn’t wear shoes from your childhood, you can also allow those old situations go too.
  7. Stop beating yourself up for what might have been. If it did not happen the way you envisioned it, then it just wasn’t meant to be. Accept that and know that once you clear the garden, you can grow something new.
  8. And if you are in a partnership now that isn’t working and if you can’t be the new you have become, then let that partner go. Make room for someone new to enter.

One way to release the old is to picture yourself walking down a long hallway with doors on both sides. Some of the doors are open and others are closed. Peek into the open doors and see who is standing in the room. That is someone you must let go. But you can obtain closing by having a final conversation with that person.

Ask the following questions:

What do you still need from me?

What were you about for me?

What lessons have we learned?

Then once you complete your conversation, close the door and move on to the next open door and then repeat the exercise. Then when you get to the end of the hall ask your higher self or spirit guides to sage the area and to sage you. Have them pull off remaining cords and shower you with love and light. Then you can exit the hallway and complete the meditation.

I hope this is helpful for you. We all deserve the highest and best partnership for us. And as we continually work on ourselves and evolve know that someone who is meant for you is doing the same work. Take a few moments to shower that person with love.

PS I’m picking up that a woman reading this article has an old wedding dress in her closet from a previous marriage. Toss it out. You don’t need energy from your former husband hanging around you. Recycle it, donate the dress to a thrift store, or give it to a friend who is getting married. Toss out all previous wedding momentos, including the wedding album. I know this is hard, but you don’t want that energy around you now as you prepare for a new life with a new partner.


Blessings and namaste.

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Intuitive Coaching 101–5 Things You Should Know on a Life Path

DSCN8882Actually, I was going to write this post on my other blog, Belle Author. I pondered the artist’s path which has its ups and downs; productive and non-productive periods. And then, I realized that every path works this way. And sometimes when we feel that we are not making progress, we develop through a gestation period.

1).  Similar to planets that retrograde one to three times a year, we too have our retrograde periods. And it’s wonderful when our retrogrades coincide with the planets’ retrogrades.

This is a time of taking stock, pausing, reflecting, and resting. I think of Colette Baron Reid’s Resting Tree card. When we rest, we charge our batteries and this allows us to stay healthy while we pursue our dreams.

2). Inaction and laziness are not the same things. And running around getting stuff done, making the calls, or doing the work does not add up if the timing is off. Inaction leaves us poised for our next move. We conserve our energy as a master martial artist.

I understand the tendency to equate action with getting stuff done or getting ahead on the ladder. However, keeping busy is an ego trick that runs us ragged. Then we unleash our monkey mind and we wonder how we’re measuring up or if we are making the grade. This leads to anxiety and depression.

3). Stop competing with others. Some people say that competition brings out the best in people. I disagree. I have witnessed that competition brings out pettiness, spite, resentment, and arrogance. Competition is based on lack and limitation. People who still follow this patriarchal behavior (think divide and conquer), suffer from low self-esteem if they lose the competition. They live their lives like a rabbit chasing a carrot on a stick. They push themselves to their limits and often fall into a time of disgrace where they beat themselves up.

I prefer the cooperative model where people share with one another, honor each other, and lift each other up. Think of a world based on cooperation rather than the current dog-eat-dog model.

4). While it’s true that an artist creates art and that even doing a bit of art every day keeps the momentum going, we don’t need to produce gallery shows, plays, music, or novels every year. Life happens and events force us to take time out. A family tragedy or a personal tragedy throw us off track. But we can do a little something each day to keep us on track. And bless the small acts. Sometimes our greatest victories are in our personal life even if we get derailed from our career path for a time.

5). Meditate every day for at least five minutes. And spend another ten minutes on self-reflection by writing in a journal. And say affirmations each day too then release negative thoughts that come up during that time. This helps us stay mindful.

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Whole Astrology—Sagittarius New Moon on December 17-18, 2017

A Sagittarius Stellium, Saturn and Mercury in the Galactic Center, and a sped up awakening as we enter a new frontier, oh, my.

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Special Zodiac Forecast for 2018 (via Oracle and Tarot cards)

As a special holiday gift for followers of Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living and my YouTube channel, Astrologer, Patricia, I pulled a card for each of the Zodiac Signs. Voila!

(The card decks are listed under the video on the YouTube channel).

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Whole Astrology–Gemini Full Moon (still feeling it)

The Gemini Full Moon and Mercury RX in Sagittarius are still in effect. Often times, a full moon passes us by and we think that’s the end of it. Find out what this Gemini Full Moon is about. And then look for it in your Natal Chart because that is the areas of your life where you seek clarity now.

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Intuitive Coaching 101–10 Practices for Challening Times

DSCN1341We all face challenges from time to time, from losing a home, a job, or a loved one, to dealing with narcissistic drama kings and queens. However, during our most challenging times, we can turn to a variety of tools and practices that give us a breathing space.

(This article originally appeared on my other Word Press blog, Locovore).

  1. Look for beauty

No matter our circumstances, life is still beautiful. Look around you and notice something that is beautiful in your immediate surroundings. Or go for a walk in nature and focus on the enchantment of the natural world.

2. Practice gratitude (or appreciation) for what is working.

As humans, we tend to look at the glass as half empty instead of half full. We would rather rehash a painful experience (we’re so profound), rather than find the blessings in that situation or the blessings in our current situation. Find the blessings and show appreciation for them.

3. Humor

If you can’t see any humor in your situation, then go find something funny on YouTube or watch a funny movie or read a funny book. Even in the midst of grieving over the death of a loved one, we can still find humor such as remembering a fun or funny time we had with that loved one. I’m not telling you to negate the grieving process, but to shine a light through humor upon it.

4. Follow a passion or favorite past time

Sometimes when I’m going through a stressful time, my mother will tell me to get my mind off my problems, which I find difficult to do. However, I find that when I read a favorite book, write, watch a movie, go for a walk or take photographs of the world, I am able to get my mind off my problems and this is healthier for my physical and emotional bodies.

5. Surround yourself with supportive people

Now, I’m not talking about finding someone to rehash your stories because no one, not even the kindest people appreciate that type of drama. What I mean by supportive people are those who help out in ways they are most comfortable. For instance, your best friend doesn’t want you to talk her ears off, but she shows up with a bag of groceries or a pot of soup. Let others decide how they want to help.

6. Listen to music

Scientific research has proven time and time again that music has healing power. We know that music heals emotions but it also heals us physically and opens us spiritually. However, don’t listen to jarring or loud music, find something that soothes the soul. If you require inspiration, then visit my blog Whole Music Experience where I go into detail about the healing power of music.

7. Find a coach or therapist

There is no shame in visiting a counselor who can give you new perspectives on your problems. Yet, so many people are too embarrassed to visit a therapist because they fear that people will think they’re crazy. Actually, it’s crazy not to seek professional help when you’re going through a life transition or grieving the death of a loved one. Forget that idea of pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. That’s Capricorn nonsense.

8. Try animal therapy

This could even be hanging out with a friend’s cat or dog; or your own if you have a pet. Even watching fish swim in a tank or visiting the ducks at the local pond have a therapeutic effect. People also have therapy animals for extreme trauma or visit a place with therapy animals such as in horse therapy.

9. Deal with addictions

If you suspect or someone close to you suspects that you have an addiction, get professional help. Sure, the addiction offers a temporary escape, but in the end, the addiction only compounds the other problems. We are less able to help ourselves or honor ourselves when dealing with an addiction.

10. Try divination

Here I am speaking about addiction and I have to say that I rely heavily, maybe even too heavily on divination but a good Tarot or astrology reading does provide insights that we might have only experienced on a deep subconscious level. I know that card reading especially have given me hope for the future when I had none previously.

Of course, there are numerous other tools you can practice to help you through trauma. But these are the ones that have helped me through transition periods and hardships.

Visit my other Word Press blogs, Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living and Belle Author. Thank you for stopping by, following this blog, and

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Spiritual Essay–A Higher Dimension of Socialism

Saturn shipWith the Saturn-Neptune square playing in the background, soon to be grabbing our attention in the foreground (this summer), we’re all swimming in ideologies. And isn’t it interesting that ideologies are playing such a huge role in the presidential bid in the US? 

(This was originally published on my other blog Locovore. I wrote this article the summer of 2016).

While we may or may not agree with the political or religious ideologies of either Democrat-runner Bernie Sanders or Republication-runner Donald Trump, their ideologies fuel the fire of many Americans and internationals at this time and will gather even more steam in the upcoming months.

So where do these ideologies come from? Saturn, the planet of time, structure, government, discipline, responsibility and maturity transits in Sagittarius, a Fire Sign known for ideology. This planet squares Neptune, a planet known for getting lost in the “ideal” and dissolving physical structure or reality (in its own sign, Pisces), causing ideologies to explode upon the scene; playing a divisive role but also having us question our core beliefs. Spiritual teacher John Newton (Health Beyond Belief) once said in a group call that beliefs are the lies we choose to think (which lead to blocks in all areas of our lives).

So this morning I awoke from a dream where I was hanging out with the musician and socialist Billy Bragg (a Sagittarius Sun). In the dream (Neptune rules dreams), Bragg was hanging out backstage after giving a concert (and in real life when I was in my 20s, I hung out with Billy Bragg backstage after he joined a rally for grocery strikers). I woke up with one of Bragg’s most political songs playing in my thoughts, “Great Leap Forward” and political ideologies swam in my consciousness.

While I have flirted with socialism in my youth, the freedom-seeker part of me doesn’t bode well for a system that forces people to live as collective with restrictions and rules forced upon them. Deep down, I’m a Capitalist, even though that has become a dirty word thanks to the wealthy elite who have used Capitalism as a vicious warhorse on the working class (who I agree the elite have enslaved).

But let us consider that another form of Capitalism does exist that allows freedom and social consciousness, meaning we can make money in a truly free enterprise (which doesn’t currently exists thanks to the elite who control every industry and make laws to serve themselves), and this is “responsible” Capitalism which can only work if we wake up the collective consciousness and move away from a lack mentality or the competitive model and transform Capitalism to include sharing and cooperative behaviors. This is possible and has already been achieved on a smaller scale by women leading the efforts.

Louise Hay

Louise Hay, Founder of Hay House

I’ll give Hay House authors as an example of how this can work. As we know, Hay House authors such as Doreen Virtue and Louise Hay have done quite well for themselves financially with the publication of books, workshops, and other products. But then they give back to the collective through scholarships (Hay House Foundation), and Doreen gives a percentage of her profits to charities and causes she supports. She also teaches metaphysical skills in her reasonably priced workshops (both on and off-line), as do many Hay House authors.

Other examples include author and teacher Marianne Williamson who founded charities to help those less fortunate in her community and another example is Oprah Winfrey who has used her talents and wisdom to lift others up, whether that’s a woman struggling with domestic abuse or an emerging talent who she gives a promotional boost and confidence to succeed on the bigger playing field.  Both Williamson and Winfrey have also shared their spiritual teachings and values with millions of people thus bringing hope to the world. It’s not just monetary wealth that they share with others.

So what is responsible Capitalism and how does it differ from socialism? And why do we require these political systems at all? I think that the Saturn-Neptune square causes us to delve deeply into those questions. I agree with socialists in that every person (and I would include non-humans) deserves to live in a safe and healthy home, have adequate healthcare and be able to afford an education that allows them to work at the professions of their inner calling. But I don’t think you can round up humans and force them to give up significant amounts of the money they earn (not inherited from an elite parent) for the greater good. This giving comes from spiritual awakening and doing the right thing out of love, not fear enforced by government leaders, lawmakers, and a police state.

As more people wake up spiritually and move into their heart-center and heal their wounded egos, I have a feeling that people will automatically add their money to the collective pool of funds that pay for healthcare, education, as well as, money to steward the environment and the ecological systems we all participate. And there will be peer pressure to do so. So instead of living with a rewards and punishment system, we appeal to the conscious (and I know this doesn’t work with sociopaths who seem to be running the show at this time).

I feel that deep down, our consciousness carries more weight than any political system. As we awaken to love and heal our fears, the humanity in each of us forges connections with others. We are deeply caring when we’re not tossed into a competitive arena. Yes, I see the irony of that in talking about Capitalism which is based on competition, but I’m talking about a new type of Capitalism which gives each of us freedom to bring our goods and services into the world in a way that’s fair, ethical and responsible without infringing our efforts with rules and regulations that benefit the elite and crush the efforts of emerging entrepreneurs. What we currently refer to as Capitalism is really Fascism and what I’m proposing is Capitalism where people take responsibility for their actions and practice the Law of Attraction with love for community and humanity (as well as the other creatures inhabiting the earth).

But really what it comes down to is that we can either chuck out the current political systems and create something new for the Aquarius Age, or we can redefine Capitalism and Socialism knowing that the real monster we have dealt with is the wounded ego in the form of greed and corruption. Make no mistake, that corruption exists in all political systems. If Communism, for instance, was such a winner, then why did droves of people risk their lives defecting from it? You don’t see too many people risking their lives to defect from a Capitalist system, though you do see people crushed from corrupt practices happening within a Capitalist country.

The energies of Neptune in Pisces work at dissolving all ideologies and are challenged by the structure-builder Saturn in the ideologist sign Sagittarius. So isn’t it appropriate that I end this essay with the words of Sagittarius Billy Bragg, “A revolution is just a t-shirt away…” But really the revolution is an inner and not an outer one, because, in the end, Neptune has more collective power than old man Saturn, especially when Saturn falls in a sign that weakens the structure.

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